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Thread: A Swift response to the virus...

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    I'm delighted people are having fun with the old girl. One of our retailers has just recorded 2,000 downloads in 24 hours. Someone's flying out there...

    Be safe and don't panic... we will beat this thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bazzar View Post
    I can't remember whether the Swift has a tail wheel lock. Don't think it has of the top of my hat. If it doesn't and you are having trouble with the large rudder then you could try a couple of things.
    Add a tail wheel lock entry to the Aircraft CFG and use a key stroke or maybe edit the steer angle entry to 0 in the contact points section.
    Apparently there is either an STC, or later in production, a steerable tail wheel was added. I cannot find any reference to a locking capability though. In addition, the main wheels had a critical toe-in / camber setting much like your car -- and had a big influence on directional control.

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    Good show Fellas! The manual makes no mention of a lockable tail wheel although as it has been noted it is steerable and non-retractable.

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    did a paint of the old girl not great but good enough for myself

    MB Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master CPU i7 8700K @4.9 GHz GPU Gigabyte GTX 1070Ti Cooler Noctua NH-U15 with 2 fans
    RAM 16MB Corsair DDR4 Vengeance 3200MHz Power Supply Corsair HX850 850 Watt Case Thermaltake level 20 xt Windows 10 64 bit

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    Thank you Bazz lovely modelling.
    Now being perverse I've reduced the HP down to 85 HP, moved the Empty C of G to -0.85. From the Smithsonion web page on her have changed the weights: AUW= 1570, Empty = 1062. Other adjustments in course of experimentation in .cfg & .air file, but she will achieve quoted A model speeds, just got to get her to be able to turn properly on the rudder just before touchdown rather than skid sideways. I know she has a reputation for lacking some control in that area, but have read the flight report that's on the web & I don't think she is that bad in real life.

    Now have the P40 - for which more thanks, saving that for a rainy day!

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    Thanks for the plane.


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