A2A offers *FREE* Accusim P40 to everyone!
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Thread: A2A offers *FREE* Accusim P40 to everyone!

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    A2A offers *FREE* Accusim P40 to everyone!

    As reported on FSElite:


    ..except there must be umpteen thousand simmers trying to get into the A2A site right now,
    because I can't .

    Just fyi,


    PS: I hope this is for all platforms including P3Dv4

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    Thanks for the heads up, the site is running very slow and checked some other A2A sellers like Simmarket, the P-40 is listed as -100% but for the FSX version.
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    Acquiring it now, thanks!!! NC

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    Got mine after a few tries, P3D version.

    I've had it on my list for a long time.

    Thanks a lot for the heads up!!

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    Yes, patience is the key. I finally got into the site and downloaded. And well worth the wait. I had purchased the A2A P-40 for FSX
    ages ago. It ported over fairly well to P3Dv4, including most of the the Accusim functions. But there were always some minor glitches
    here and there. In particular, the cockpit glass always appeared cloudy looking from the outside. These have now all been fixed with
    the proper P3Dv4 version.

    Jankees excellent paints for the P-40 were popular before; I think they're going to be very popular now.

    A big thanks and round of applause to Lewis, Scott, and everyone at A2A for this gift.


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    Well, ordered it and will see how it goes!
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    For those new to this aircraft, I consider it a "prerequisite"/a requirement to set a button on your joystick to control the hydraulic pump so that when you are raising/lowering the flaps or landing gear you're not having to look down into the cockpit to find the switch on the control stick. You do this by using the "P40 Input Configurator" within the A2A/P40/Tools folder. With the P3D V4 installation, this folder is found within your Documents/Prepar3d V4 Add-ons/A2A folder.

    Also, this is a must-watch for new P-40 pilots. Although this video features the P-40E, the systems are essentially the same as in A2A's P-40B/C and the two airframes handle very similarly to one another. Different power settings though because of early/later Allisons.

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    How nice of Scott and the A2A team!

    Very generous and appreciated.


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    a very generous offer, but I had it my hangar already, twice..

    still, fun to fly!


    You can find most of my repaints in the library here on the outhouse

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    Just a heads up, this offer is also in effect over at Simmarket. I could never get on to A2A's website to get it. This is an alternative. They are also offering some other freebees over their and steep discounts.


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    Thanks for this gift - even if I will not be able to fly it it's good to know that I can study for some hours this old aircraft's technique . Nice and helpful video too btw...
    Best regards, Manfred.

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    There are a lot of great repaints for it, in the old Flying Tigers galore!
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