Greetings, all!

I have questions on something, I'm working on, for CFS3. Here goes...

I have a few problems with a piece of scenery, which I hope you could possibly give me suggestions on. I'm afraid this piece encompasses several aspects that (as usual for me) could be somewhat complicated, so, I have hopes that you might be able to point me to the right path.

At this time, I have the model (Keroman) in CFS3, as a building. Of course, that is completely the wrong way, except that it cannot be added into the sim as a simple piece of 'scenery', such as an airbase. The entire ground surface you see, is raised 2 meters, and there is a 'seawall' edge around all of the area that meets water. So, it is visually a 3-D model, with the 'seawall' creating a new 'shoreline'. (Of course, at this time, I do not have a correctly working shoreline.)

In the sim, to locate the scenery correctly, I had to work around, and make fit, to the existing shoreline/mesh, and use the existing water, for the somewhat complicated shape of the area of Keroman. 75% of the Keroman model is over water.

Adding the scenery into the sim, simply as a facility with a groundplane won't work, since the groundplane is not just a flat plane (right?). To add to my problems, there are several 3-D objects that are part of the model. They are piers, the turntable, an overpass, and two railcar shelters.
Of course, if I need to, I can add them in, as separate building objects. But, for now, they are part of the 'seawall' model.

Testing Keroman, as I have it in the sim now, of course, has a few problems as a 'building'. Main thing that happens, is the Keroman seawall model fades, in and out. Part, or all, vanishes off and on. I've tried several things, but no change.

Any suggestions, where or what, I need to look? Thanks for any help.