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    Hi there, a big Oops yesterday! and it called for some refreshments!

    No flying! It seems that the local government had some questions about some of our cargo, Evidently, our old buddy Achmad from the near east contacted the locals and spread some false information concerning Flight 19, we should, if things get cleared up, I have not doubt they will be, be back in the air today.

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    Well here I is again, Howdy all!

    We got to fly yesterday the locals let do it, the last words I heard from the Chief Officer, " OK, four officer will stay with this group until take off time tomorrow, we will just let the next people at their stop take over." To me it sounded like we will be striped down again, I sure hope this doesn't happen on the all of our next stops. Sure looks like we will have company all night with these four guards guarding us all night, but they are mainly here to make sure we don't add any cobrand on our planes. Dudley and I stayed with our plane all night just to drive these folks crazy. hehe. We did get a good nights sleep. Here in the morning the bloody whole bunch showed up, and I was sure they were going to search the planes again, but the head rabbit just came over to give us some new papers for the flight. I see that some problems maybe showing up at the next stop!

    The flight was good, but we were showing an headwind of 28 kts, and the airport reported that there was a cross wind of about 20 to 30 kts, hehe this just made our day! Dudley and I landed with less than 15% of fuel left. Some farmers may wake up in the morning and getting ready to plow the north 40 and find out he has no fuel in his favorite tractor. Oops! Well it didn't happened there was a service station across the way and he had a big type of fueling truck. Boy, did he get to Dudley and I the charges were higher than heck! And talk about a Pirate, hehe but you need it when you need it I guess. Enough of this poop. Cu all at the next stop.

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    Blew it on the last flight! A problem popped up on the C-119 and needed to return to SA34 in order to hopefully find the needed parts for repairs. If the creek doesn't raise we should be back in the air a little later. (actually, the darn computer quit and I was unable to get FSX restarted.)

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    Hello all!

    Got the problems solved on the C-119, and made a respectful flight last night! There for awhile Dudley and I were on pins and needles waiting for something to happen. The old Gal did her job perfectly which was just great. Again, it seems that the lodestar, or at least one, has been having a high a high fuel burn, Srg. arrived with just 12% of fuel remaining.

    The airport where we were to land is dirt, and long, only problem was we raised a lot of dust, and needed to space our plane apart in order for the dust to settle down for the next landing. We all made it with no problems, and a surprise was there were no local police to greet us, hehe, sure felt disappointed no was here to greet us.

    Just a couple more stop for the pickup that are scheduled, and then we can calls this adventure over! Goanna! catch a big 747 with a first class ticket
    and go back the USA.

    Things got a little low keyed with our buddy Achmed, we tried with some succeed, to use some of the old smuggler trick that have been developed in the past by our old buddy from a few years ago. Our old buddy got so perplex that he backed off hehe. Now Old Achmed has been trying to screw up Flight 19 for year, and believe me he will try again. So folks stay tuned for the next junket.

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    Sent by an anonymous source with the caption:

    "Spotted near the Mexican border south of AZ..."
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    Hey there, and a Good Afternoon to you all

    After this afternoon on our R/R here at SA13, we will be flying to SABE for the last and final landing. Then all the customer who order our cargo should be happier than heck, I sure know that Dudley and I are. The over all flight to SA13 from SAZE was kind of uneventful hehe, but we muddle our way thru it. Srg and Kt had bad weather low clouds or fig, and as they made their turn to final the mess open up and all landed safely. The funny thing was that Dudley and I had mostly clear weather through the whole flight, but we were flying somewhat higher than the rest of the flight.

    Dudley and I or he noticed a store or a saloon at the end of runway #5. Hehe, so we fired up the flying boxcar and taxi down to the fun spot (note picture) and by golly there will no sleeping in the plane, sweet a Bed and Breakfast gosh, tonight sweet dreams.

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    Hi all!

    Hey, today is the day we finish out tour thru Argentina! The whole adventure has been a true enlighten experience, as with any normal flight thru a country things aren't always a cherry, but darn it, hehe it sure was fun. So all we sure hope you join us for the next one. Remember, if you are stuck in the house because of this terrible virus, hint, come fly with us. See you all later.

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