Flight 19
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Thread: Flight 19

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    Flight 19

    Hi there! Just to let you know that Flight 19, very soon, an new Adventure. Stay tune

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taco View Post
    Hi there! Just to let you know that Flight 19, very soon, an new Adventure. Stay tune

    Hey, by golly, we got started on our new adventure. Hehe, three shining Lodestars took off from SABE and pointed the plane's noses to SAAR.

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    Not only did we depart for SAAR, but all three arrived safely!
    Rosario - Santa Fe Argentina == birthplace of Ernesto "Che" Guevara (and Lionel Messi)
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    Oops! Behind the eight Ball.

    Flight 19 has made three flights in the last few days, SABE to SAAR, SAAR to SAAC, and last night we flew from SAAC to SA26. At the start of this adventure we did run into some questionable weather, but the last two flight the weather wasn't to bad for a change. We had some interesting conversion concerning the areas that we were flying over. One was about one of the river, which there are many in routes, this river was wide and deep in order to handle deep sea vessels. Really seen some interesting views of Argentina, shucks, most of it was real green. So far we will still be heading North looking for a comfortable place where we could, say so to speak, to hide out. hehe.

    The next skd. flight: SA26 to SARS. Darn computer, still can't seem to take pictures. So hopefully, some of the other pilots will post some. CU all later.

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    hehe, forgot again!

    SA26 Bella Vista to SARS Presidencia Roque S. Pena

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    Here I go again, and still behind the eight ball, but this time it's the size bowling ball. lol.

    Since I posted on the 13th of March flight 19 have done three flights, some will be repeated, SAAC to SA26, SA26 to SARS, which was one of a virus that came around in the year 2004. Shucks, now we have another mean one. To continue, SARS to SATK. Today, if the creek doesn't rise Flight 19 will be flying from SATK to SGME. Just a side note, after we landed at SATK we found out there was no motels or hotels in the area! Yuk, So it looked like we would need to make some kind of sleeping arrangements. hehe, me being a loud mouth decided to sleep under the wing of our plane, which in the past it was a common factor sleeping under the wing, well, I was getting ready to spread out ye old sleeping bag, and really looking forward to getting at least a little sleep. And then! Rob started to mention the strange and I was doing OK with it until he mentioned SNAKES, and brother that did it. The small bagged area, even being very small started to look good. Hehe, after a short discussion we all headed for our luxury suites. hehe. Sure wish I could figure out why I can't take pictures! Darn machine. lol. CU all later.

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