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Description: FSX / FS 2004 / Acceleration / P3dV3 Blohm & Voss P185 Concept Bomber.

This German German WWII aircraft was never built but the concept should replace the Ju-87 "Stuka" and was also proposed as ground attack aircraft with a 75 mm tankkiller canon or two MK103 guns in a belly pod.

My package provides a "what if" aircraft in five variants and four paint schemes:

A) Dive bomber with three 500 kg bombs-
B) Ground attack bomber with six 250 kg bombs and gun pod-
C) Tankkiller with 75 mm canon and two rocket pods-
D) Air defence with a twin MG131 gun turret and two rocket pods-
E) Marine/Navy variant wit two 45 cm torpedoes.

All variations has a 2D panel and a matching VC, the turret, all bombs, torpedoes or rockets are animated.

Attention: No sound included! Choose on by yourself!

FSDS 3.5 model by Erwin Welker.

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