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Description: FSX / FS 2004 Reworked Package exlusivly for SOH with improved animations for IJN submarine aircraft carrier I-400. Such kinds of japanese submarines with a length of 120 m was the biggest submarines of WWII. And it is not imaginable, that those submarines was able to carry three Aichi Seiran floatplanes in their hanger. The package contains two pilotable and two ai-versions. One of the pilotable versions has many animations, like a catapult launch of an Aichi Seiran, a second Seiran with folded wings and disassembled floats leaves the hangar, a crane and a mast will be raised. The second version can submerge. Both provides a rotatable periscope and a 2D panel with conning bridge, the submerge version has also three internal views. Eleven external and four VC-cameras allows you to explore the boat. The ai-versions are suppossed to be used with the great tool "AiCarriers2". One version carries an Aichi Seiran on the catapult, the second version has an empty catapult.

You can use that version for catapult launches with my M6A Aichi Seiran (http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforum...id=37&id=26377) using my saved flight and AiCarriers2. Special effects and sounds are included and the configuration for ten more special sounds is prepared.

Made with FSDS 3.5 by Erwin Welker.

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