IRIS F-14 A/B, question
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Thread: IRIS F-14 A/B, question

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    IRIS F-14 A/B, question

    Is it easy on frames ? My real question is, is it smoother & easier on frames
    compared with Cattaneo's F-14D, being an older (and simpler I guess) plane ?
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    My older rig is pushing 10 years and it's always ran it just fine - can't say I've noticed any performance issues with either the Iris Cat or Dino's.
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    Thnx for reply. Dino's F-14 doesn't have performance issues.
    Is just I run additional addon programs with FSX, so the simpler
    (less pc resource demanding) the plane, the smoother the flying.
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    When testing FSCAI, I was running the Aerosoft Cat and with just wingman, but I think the FSCAI "AI pilot" was having a tough time flying it. The MAIW NBAI F-14 has been converted to FSX/P3D now, so I'll try to swap that one in.
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    Hi Victory & yes, you should do that. Aerosoft's Tomcat - as any other complex plane - is not suitable
    as AI, with FSCAI or otherwise. Best AIs are the native FSX AIs.
    A week ago, MAIW released native FSX Su-27s also... FSCAI wingmen formation capability, is not top
    notch currently but it's in the "to do" list of fscai author.
    Have a look also at my post here :
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