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    Avro Tutor floatplane AST Ltd 1940.zip

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    Description: 'Maybe' or perhaps better described as 'Plausible' Paint for Nigel's Avro Tutor Floatplane version.

    G-ABIR s/n 497 was one of two model 621 Tutors built for Air Service Training Ltd, of Hamble, near Southampton.

    (Its sister ship being G-ABIS, In later life, both were retro-fitted with 'Townend ring' cowls.)

    Delivered in March 1931, it was used for floatplane training; but was not a type 646 floatplane. Records indicate that at outbreak of WWII instead of being impressed into service straight away, it was retained for floatplane training by AST Ltd, only transferring to military marks October of 1941, as serial HM504; on expiry of its' C of A (G-ABIS became HM505 at same time) to the co-located #3 EFTS....

    So; here we are out of the 'Phoney' war period, camouflage has become 'dress of the day'; non-combatant yellow under surfaces; with civilian registration and national identification marks;

    Why would this be if the AST managed RAF reserves #3 ERFTS had changed to service run #3 EFTS ? One can only assume that AST was running out its' contract completing training for which #3 EFTS did not have any instructors. Bit strange to think that all during Battle of Britain and beyond, pilot's were still being trained on biplanes off the South Coast of Britain, but it happened.

    FS9 as I don't run FSX, sorry, but feel free to convert /tweak for your own use.

    This will appear in your aircraft list as "621 Tutor floatplane" which is its' correct designation as it was not built as a 646 "Sea Tutor" floatplane.

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    Another great paint Motormouse! Thanks....

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