WOP FW190 A8 Oblt. Karl-Heinz Koch
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Thread: WOP FW190 A8 Oblt. Karl-Heinz Koch

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    WOP FW190 A8 Oblt. Karl-Heinz Koch

    A new entry has been added to Add-Ons Library, category FS 2004 Military skins - World War II

    Description: This file contains alternative textures for the payware Wings of Power/Shockwave FW190 A8. These textures depict the FW190 A8 flown by Staffelkapitän Oblt.Karl-Heinz Koch from Herdla airfield Spring 1945.
    Karl-Heinz Koch flew the Focke Wulf WerkNummer 350185 "Blue 9" with 7./III./JG 5 from the airfield Herdla from a small island at Norwegian coast. This aircraft was damaged beyond repair during a crash-landing in which one of the main legs from the undercarriage collapsed, due to heavy braking (!).

    These textures are based on the excellent paintkit by Martin "ICDP" Catney. Files are converted in extended format by using Martin Wright's perfect DTX1 bmp manipulator. The drop tank textures and pilot textures were done by Rick "Smashing time" Sporl.

    Although I really don't know how these textures could harm you or your computer, but as always, the use of these textures is entirely at your own risk.

    Huub Vink
    February 2020

    To check it out, rate it or add comments, visit WOP FW190 A8 Oblt. Karl-Heinz Koch
    The comments you make there will appear in the posts below.

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    Nice one Huub! Thanks........

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