Warbirdsim´s Mustang Collection and extra skins
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Thread: Warbirdsim´s Mustang Collection and extra skins

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    Warbirdsim´s Mustang Collection and extra skins

    I have the above mentioned collection on a DVD-ROM and it has been quite a job to add extra paints to the different versions. The skin offering is very good but to hit the right version seems to be lottery. Is there a way to identify a model and skin (I can do B,C and D much...)?

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    I have used many skins from John "Bomber" Terrell for the Warbirdsim P-51's, Generally they are labelled in the file descriptions for use with certain collections such as "MustangTales". You have to use the skins that match the collection and then copy and serially number the config. file entry for each skin. It really is very straight forward and customary for installing any repaint. His are fantastic.

    What problems are you having, specifically? The paints for one model type are not interchangeable with other model types.

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    Watching with interest, I have the same issue.

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    Each WBS P-51 type is part of a collection. It sounds like you are not determining which collection your plane is from. John Terrell's repaints are mostly done using the "Geraldine" model in WBS's "Mustang Tales" collection, so all of the repaints are installed under the Geraldine version of the P-51D.

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    The DVD includes one P-51B/C, three P51D Little Friends and two "Restored" P-51D's. Two Little Friends packages have three different models each, P-51B/C four and restored together eight models.
    A typical skin cfg does not give a hint;

    title = P-51B Mustang 'vit David'
    sim = p-51c
    model = 1
    panel = 1
    sound =
    texture = Swedish
    panel_alias =
    sound_alias =

    title = A Warbirdsim P-51B Mustang "Ding Hao!"
    sim = p-51c
    model = 1
    panel =
    sound =
    texture = Ding Hao

    Textures do not match, there are cockpits without textures or other anomalies with plane parts. If there was a way to visually identify the models and then add the skin to the correct model?
    Or is it so that Flight Leader, Mustang Tales etc. have yet other differing models that are often not specified in the skin packages?
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    The repaints that I utilize are all for P-51D models from "Mustang Tales" package. Not only that, but they work only with the P-51D model that is called Geraldine, because that scheme is modelled for the contemporary restored planes depicted in the Mustang Tales. To solve your problem, you need to know which package your planes are from and then find paints that are specifically for those packages. I recall seeing paints for "Little Friends" Mustangs as I looked for "Mustang Tales' versions. They are not interchangeable however. Here is a typical file reference that I would look for: https://library.avsim.net/search.php...root&Go=Search This one specifies that it works with Mustang Tales P-51D's only.

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    One of my FSX iterations is set up solely for payware, and the Warbirdsim P-51s are kept in there. My available folders are Warbirdsim Happy Jack's Go Buggy Then and Now, WBS P-51B, WBS P-51D Little Friends, Little Friends II, Little Friends II, P-51D Restored and Restored II.

    Little Friends has models Baby Duck, Big Beautiful Doll and The Millie G; Little Friends II has Cripes A' Mighty 3rd, Lou IV, and The Comet; Little Friends III has The Enchantress. Restored has FF-704, Fragile But Agile, HJGB, It's About Time, Lil Margaret, Moose, and Twilight Tear Restored. Restored II has Jumpin Jacques and NACA 127. NACA 127 is also common to HJGB Then and Now. We're talking about two completely different setups here, it looks like.

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    Okay, one has to be very picky with the domnloads to match correct models. With careful readme reading and some deduction I have managed to install few repaints. It seems that original Little Friends package has four files and dvd only three. Some repaint aircraft.cfg's have model name abbreviated which adds to confusion.

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    Mustang P51B-C

    Since Warbirdsim is the only mfr ( I believe) of the above model, perhaps if they are reading this thread of confused purchasers they could solve the dilemma by posting a clear and concise description of what repaints fit what models for their customers. I don't own it (yet,thinking) and am reading this with much interest to know what to purchase from whom.

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    I have painted many WBS Mustangs, but as far as I know, I have always mentioned for which model my paints are,
    My B/C paints are all for the Fighter Leader package, all the D's for the Little Friends 1 or 2 packages. I am sure John Terrell also mentions for which model his paints are.
    Maybe it would help to state which models you have, and which paints you are having difficulties with, because I don't think WBS will know for which of their models paints done by others are meant.

    Fighter LeaderX:

    Little Friends2:

    Little Friends1:
    You can find most of my repaints in the library here on the outhouse

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    It was the K-models that I wanted most and DVD has "kind of" one. B/C-model was the hardest to install new skins. The spinner won´t change colour whatever one tries. With combining information from DVD´s manual and skins readme´s I was able to install most of the skins I wanted, with trial and error of course. It took some eight hours :-)
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    for the B model, the spinner is on the P-51C_5_T texture file, so if the paint you want to install does not contain that file, then the spinner will not change color. As you can see on my screenshot earlier, it is possible to change the color, so don't give up just yet!
    You can find most of my repaints in the library here on the outhouse

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    The DVD set, as released through Playsims Publishing at Flightstore, contains a smattering of variants from several different individual Warbirdsim products:

    P-51D-15-NA "The Millie G"
    P-51D-15-NA "Baby Duck"
    P-51D-20-NA "Big Beautiful Doll"
    P-51D-25-NA "The Enchantress"
    P-51D-5-NA "Donald Duck"
    P-51D-5-NA "Cripes A' Mighty 3rd"
    P-51D-5-NA "Lou IV/Athelene"
    P-51D-5-NA "The Comet"
    P-51D-30-NA "Happy Jack's Go Buggy"
    F-6D-25-NT "Lil' Margaret"
    P-51K-10NT "Fragile But Agile"
    P-51D-25NT "NACA 127"
    P-51D-20NA "Jumpin Jacques"
    P-51D-25NA "USAF FF-704"
    Cavalier Mk.II "It's About Time"
    P-51D-25NA "Moose/Candyman"
    P-51B "Ding Hao!"
    P-51B "Old Crow"
    P-51C "Princess Elizabeth"
    Mustang Mk.III "133 Sqdn"

    There are four from each; "Little Friends", "Little Friends II", "Restored Part 1", "Restored Part 2", and "Fighter Leader X". Part of the deal however, for this DVD set, was that each model and texture set included was to be gone through and tweaked/updated to a matching standard across all of the variants. The work that went into this was done quite a number of years ago, but after the individual downloadable Warbirdsim addons had already been available for quite a while. As I recall, all of the cockpit textures, exterior textures, pilot model and prop blades were updated from when they had originally been made for the individual downloadable Warbirdsim products. The one P-51K included, "Fragile but Agile", is a depiction of a restored example flying today and does have the Aeroproducts propeller blades and spinner (the only things externally that separated a P-51K from a P-51D).

    For the P-51B/C's, they received updates to the gunsight reticle, prop spinner, propellers, exhaust stacks, landing gear, pilot, drop tanks and drop tank racks. As a result of all of those updates, two new textures were created for the P-51B/C's called "P-51_FSX" and "P-51_FSX_Spec" to cover the updated parts. If you'd like, I can provide a .psd template file for the P-51B/C "P-51_FSX" and "P-51_FSX_Spec" textures so that you can create the proper prop spinner texture to match repaints you've added, or if you can let me know which P-51B/C repaints you have added, I can create/provide the required textures to match.

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    I've yet to have a repaint from JT or JK that are anything but precise when it comes to details, along with most of our talented painters who also tell you what goes where.
    The simplest way to avoid confusion is just purchase the entire collection!
    Worked for me.

    Headcount: Just checked across the Mustang Fleet and including all variations there are 197 individual aircraft wearing the 'WarbirdSim' label in my 'Virtual Hanger'.
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Thanks, I have a photoshop on my pc, but for now I have enough planes to choose from. I should write a list which paints work on which model. With the oldest paints, mainly D's, cockpit plex becomes black.

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