FSX/P3D DC-10 Air Tanker Mod Project
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Thread: FSX/P3D DC-10 Air Tanker Mod Project

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    FSX/P3D DC-10 Air Tanker Mod Project

    Hi all. I've teamed up with George Arana in doing a DC-10 air tanker mod for the Eric Cantu / SGA DC-10-10 and -30 airframes. We're currently developing this beautiful bird. George's excellent modeling skills has propelled my simple tank mod into a more realistic venture. I can't thank him enough for his help. He has done physical modifications to the tank I had done as well as modified the airframes to better represent the -30s in particular, as they have the centerline gear removed because of the external tank. George has also mentioned he'd like to do a similar modification to the SGA DC-9s as well to represent Erickson Aero's MD-87s. George has also been assisting me in getting the old Hovercontrol 412 helitanker versions ready for P3D(project is over in the P3D forum). This will be available for FSX up to P3D V4+ as we are using George's FSX native converted version of the SGA DC-10s as the base. The VLAT platform like the DC-10 I felt needed a representation in the sims. With them being heavily used recently in the US as well as Australia, they've sort of become one of the big icons of aerial firefighting in the last year or so I'd say. Felt it was a good time to launch a project like this.

    From George's Development photos

    Some from mine as I did some preliminary texturing.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 2020-2-20_19-45-49-398.jpg   2020-2-20_19-43-8-920.jpg   T910.jpg  
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    Awesome. I can't wait. Love the DC-10 Tanker
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