Coming back to the nest...
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Thread: Coming back to the nest...

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    Coming back to the nest...

    Hello friends. It's been a little while since I've been here. Years ago my computer up and died, ending my FS2004 involvement. I couldn't bare watching you guys enjoying yourselves anymore, I just had to move on. Lol. I tried to find something as rewarding as the flightsim, but there just isn't. PS3 just doesn't cut it. But when you have no computer, you made due. I think I got all the warbird games ha!

    Life.. it hands you things, and you have to figure it out. There are no manuals.

    Well, I'm glad to say things are much better these days, a lot more stable for me. I just had my first-ever dream computer built in anticipation of the new platform. I'm excited for us all! It's what we've been dreaming of! But at the same time, not forgetting where I came from. My beloved FS2004. And this amazing place, always friendly and helpful. Still appreciating all the advice and assistance I got from you when I ventured into model building for the first time. Daunting and challenging it was but I never felt I was alone. I plan on venturing back into that and have since started watching tutorials and catching up already. We are blessed to have Milton Shupe in our lives I'll tell you!

    You may see me around a bit more. I do wish I had a better username though, haha. Such a silly word. I am Doug, of Hamilton Canada. I like to create RCAF awareness in our hobby, and my hometown museum is the Canadian Warplane Heritage which is home to VeRA, the only flying Lancaster on this half of the world. Proud of that. I get to see and hear her all summer. Looking forward to reading your posts and seeing your pictures. I'll be glad to help if I can too. Cheers!
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    Welcome back to FS2004. I too just build my dream computer, well back in August 2019. Haven't done too much in FS2004, mostly a lot of the newer sims.

    Also, I am located here in the Hammer too. Just north of the airport and depending on the wind of the day, get to watch the warbirds take-off/land when summer time flying begins. We go to the CWH about every other month or so as they always carry the PC Pilot magazine. I know Chapters/Indigo does too, but would rather give my money to CWH as it is awesome there.

    Enjoy your new computer.

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    Welcome back! You will notice that FS2004 is still very much alive. New model and new scenery is still frequently released.


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    Welcome back, Doug!

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    Great to see you back here and happy to hear things are good for you now.

    Yes, I did release a bunch of videos to YouTube (around 50) to step through the modeling process.

    Glad they were helpful.

    You can also use the link in my signature to step you thru all the videos.
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