Time of Day in PTO?
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Thread: Time of Day in PTO?

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    Time of Day in PTO?

    Is there any way to get PTO to depict the various times of day properly. All setting seems about the same with afternoon being full night and nothing being Dawn or Dusk. If I recall a previous discussion, it has something to do with the game being synced to GMT. Is there an XML file I can tweak or something?

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    Your recollection is correct, we're stuck with Zulu time. I believe this is hardcoded unfortunately.

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    Just change the time in the aforementioned file IIRC mine is set to 0130am, but am away and can't check.

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    Do you mean Quick Combat scenarios?
    These seems hardcoded but I believe I've seen the code responsible for providing dates for each season. So the time may be somewhere near. But I haven't looked into it in detail.

    gecko, just an idea for you It should possible to make a simple AHK script to update these values, if one can find pointers, of course.
    I know where current in-game date and time of day are stored. Updating these at runtime instantly changes light levels, sun position and so on, but I don't know if it breaks anything else. The pointers are, if you are interested:
    0x8AFF20 = int Year
    +0x04 = int Month
    +0x08 = int Day
    +0x0C = int Hour
    +0x10 = int Minute
    Then there are 4 bytes of padding and finally:
    +0x18 = double Second

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    Changing the time in frontend.xml changes the UI time of day, but has no effect on QC Missions as they are hard coded. I've tried changing the time by hand in the _mission.xml file stored in \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\CFS3\Missions but the game changes it back at the start of QC, and it won't even load if you make it read only to prevent that.

    For regular MB missions the time can be set with an offset so they end up running as the proper local time.
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    It was QC that I was interested in. Thanks for the responses.

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