Ultra Wide 29" LED Monitor
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Thread: Ultra Wide 29" LED Monitor

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    Ultra Wide 29" LED Monitor

    Thinking of going to an LG 29" Ultra wide 5 MS monitor , presently running a Geforce GTX 1050 2 GB graphics card , Intel i3 Cpu @ 2.93 GHZ , 4.00 GB , Dual Processor cores , DDR3 Memory , ASUS P7H55-M MB , FSX Gold . Any feedback or concerns would be most welcome.

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    What resolution? I wouldn't go over 1080P with a GTX 1050.

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    Want to stay with 1080 , and with the Nvidia card the screen has to be "G sync friendly ?? Not "Free sync ....

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    While I'm at it , thank you for the Citation review .... On the fence with this one !!

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    I have a similar system and monitor. Since the native resolution of the monitor is much higher than 1080 what is the reason for not going higher with settings?

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    I'm concerned about overall performance , unfortunately my understanding on the technical side of this subject is extremely limited at best. After further poking around the inter web I see that a "G Sync" ( Nvidia card ) monitor appears to be considerably more coin and over my budget than a "Free Sync" montior for reasons I've been made aware. Can you run a Nvidia card equipped PC with a Free sync monitor ??

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    I'm relatively sure your CPU/GPU combination would be the single major problem.
    At 1080 the resulting image would be rather poor, especially if the native resolution of the monitor is higher than that number.
    Refresh rate could be less than optimum as well.
    Not very rewarding to go up to that size screen if you can't get around 4K resolution or a minimum of 2560x1440.
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    You have confirmed my suspicions , think I'II sit on the sidelines for now and may consider a complete upgrade of my system when Flightsim 2020 hits the hanger, thank you for your input .

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    Curiously, my Samsung 4K 27" monitor can run at its native resolution with my nVidia 1060 video card. I also use DX10Fixer and get 30fps. FSX Steam is my sim.

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