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Description: FSX Rocket Plane Bachem Ba349 Natter with launch base scenery. At the end of WWII the Natter (kind of snake) was a German prototype for an inceptor, proposed to attack allied bombers. Unpropelled test flights was successfully performed but the only one manned rocket launch endet in a total loss of aircraft and pilot. Some Natters remained and they are displayed in different museums. With this addon you can perform a vertical rocket launch and your mission is to attack the B-17 bombers crossing the launch base.

The scenery comes with three launch masts, three more Natters, an typical German medevial castle, ai-military vehicles (some are made by Lazarus Starkweather) and five B-17 bombers runs with the use of ai-carriers2; no installation of a scenery is needed.

Not tested in Acceleration.

FSDS 3.5 Natter model and scenery made by Erwin Welker.

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