Carenado Citation XL560
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Thread: Carenado Citation XL560

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    Carenado Citation XL560

    Anybody who has recently purchased this a/c care to leave a comment on its general appeal and flight dynamics.


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    We had a thread at avsim. I bought it and have been using a mod from Bert Pieke to get the GTN fully working (it's not a mod like others where it looks bad - it's a native GTN750 on the panel).

    It's Carenado, so it's fun for quick can use cold and dark startup but systems wise it's fairly light-medium. It does hand fly pretty well and the perf numbers are close enough.
    Let's see it has PBR textures in P3D v4, decent soundset etc

    Here's my mini review I did of

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    I used to work Ramp for a charter operation that had two Excel's. Systems were pretty basic in the real deal. Most of it was automated through the Primus systems. I used to know how to power one up from cold to systems running (other than engine start and FMS programming. Probably still could with a checklist and the real airplane) Modern, small to medium bizjets are actually pretty easy systems wise. Where I worked, we also had a a Citation Encore (Citation Bravo/II with similar avionics to the Excel and the same engines. Quite the hot rod) and 4 King air C-90B's that I could do everything but start the engines on. Our Challenger 601 was a different animal. Most I could do was get power on board from the GPU so I could turn on the cabin lights to clean it.
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