Something is Broken
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Thread: Something is Broken

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    Something is Broken

    I found yesterday that when I open a post or a PM I can't add emojis or manage attachments. I also cannot edit ie: the Bold, Italics etc bar is not present. Anyone else having this problem?
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    Looks OK to me this morning!
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    You have something loaded in the browser that is blocking the script that gives you those options. What browser are you using and what version is it.

    Using Firefox if you have the "No Script" addon installed and you have not allowed scripts on our site that is what will happen.

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    With No Script allowing scripts from
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    With NoScript set to not allow scripts (Default)

    Note that there are more than one addon that might cause this issue. We may have to do some deep digging into your browser to find it.
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    Dangerousdave26: I am working on it...
    The problem is on my win 10 system on the "administrator side" and actually occurred after my last MS update.

    I am at work here now at the DAV with currrent updates (I think) and don't have the problem here. hmmm...
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