I made a SimDashboard - control CFS3 with a tablet
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Thread: I made a SimDashboard - control CFS3 with a tablet

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    I made a SimDashboard - control CFS3 with a tablet

    Note - I have already made one for Wings Over Flanders Fields (WOFF) and am making an even MUCH better one shortly for Wings Over the Reich (WOTR) so watch out for that

    They look better than the preview pictures below suggest.

    Why is it good?

    You can swap between games without needing to remember any keys at all as you can set one up for each game.Just run any game and go straight away.

    Quicker and easier than using a keyboard (not need to hold shift keys or look for a key).

    For me a keyboard breaks immersion.

    For Il2-1946, Xplane and Falcon BMS (just starting) I use 3 different third party tablet controllers that were made specifically for each one.

    So I prefer using a tablet.

    Its a bit like having a customized simpit for each one - if you try it you may agree.

    How to install?

    You press buttons on your Android tablet and it is the same as pressing keyboard keys on your pc.

    Response time is fantastic and it doesn't disconnect or crash


    It is for Car Racing sims but if you download the app from google play and purchase ONLY the "Button Box" option for a few dollars then you can download button box templates from the community - these are free. The only other thing to do is to download the PC app.

    Note you need to make a SINGLE BUTTON BOX - then put in 3 BLANK PAGES (in Android app search for "Fang" - then for each page choose 1 of the 3 pages) That way a single press will take you to the next page.

    Also with 2 commands that have the unsupported EQUAL sign - I have changed these from the default keyboard:
    1) Mixture increase - changed to "shift ctrl M"
    2) Propellor increase - changed to "shift ctrl P"

    Btw I initially made one for the greatest space game Evochron Legacy (like Elite Dangerous but without the time wasting and with far more content) which also works with its sister program Arvoch Alliance (think Wing Commander/Free Space like missions story) - can use TrackIR if you have it and joystick setup is easy - has great dogfighting - also has a community modpack:

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    I don't own a tablet, so help me understand how this works. Is it using a USB cable connection like my 12 Button Joystick, or does the computer need Bluetooth or WiFi to get commands from the tablet?
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    The tablet must have wifi and be an Android one - download app from google play store.

    PC must have wifi or be connected to the router.

    Just tested - works fine with my phone, not too small for me.

    Could admin change title to have OR PHONE at the end of the title of the first post?
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