Fsx scenery?
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Thread: Fsx scenery?

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    Fsx scenery?

    Hey peeps

    So I made it home for a month of holidays from France, I'm working on a new title for Ubiesoft and got the contract done early so I'm home to drink it up and throw it up...lol
    Find a new girl friend and just hang out.

    So I'm looking at my old fsx, I don't have steam version just the Platinum acceleration set. It bleeds virtual memory like a bottomless bucket so I should move to steam version. I have 3dv4.4 as well.

    So I was looking around for new scenery and mesh that might be affordable? I spend a ton on my new car, a little cash strapped atm.

    Any suggestions?

    Danka! In advance


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    If you want free mesh you could do a lot worse than this:


    Otherwise take a look at Orbx. You could try just one of their regions if any appeal to you. They come complete with mesh, scenery and airfields, and there's a nice free demo for Pacific North West.

    There's masses of free scenery available. Some very nice Hawaiian Airports would be a good place to start if you like that area.

    PM me if you want more links,

    Rats - why won't anything work properly first time?

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    America never stopped being great.

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    thanks guys!!

    This will make my sim look nice while i fix up that p51 for us. I dont have to beta for cr1 for a month or two as the aeronca is done and he is moving to the ford now.

    Thanks for the tips!

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