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Description: The heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper was in service from 1939 until 1945. She joined many successful raids, mostly without damages by enemy fire. With a length of 205 m, a max. speed of 33 knots with 8 x 20.3 and 12 x 10.5 cm guns a powerful vessel. This is the pilotable version of Klaus Novak's converted WWII Kriegsmarine fleet from SOH. I added all necessary files, a 2D nav-bridge, sounds and effects. Now you can explore the decks toggling through 28 camera views, including virtual decks views.

Ai-vessel converted from Sketchup to native FSX by Klaus Novak.

Repaint of the Prinz Eugen as Admiral Hipper, configurations and files for pilotable vessel by Erwin Welker.

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