Im new, so Im saying HI(WAVE)
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Thread: Im new, so Im saying HI(WAVE)

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    Im new, so Im saying HI(WAVE)

    I have just landed at your fine air port and am heading to the cafeteria for a coffee and some apple pie, might 1st get some pork rind, of the fried variety, and a egg or two with toast…or just get the coffee...I like it black and thick and hotter then Satins office, I have been there a time or two in 1967-72, will explain another time!

    I have heard about your fine airfield and community that surrounds the airstrip. So I thought I would pop in and see if I might stay a spell.

    You will find me reasonable commutable, although I do have spats of assaholicupyerarse syndrom from time to time. Just brush that off as a bad day for a 76 year old Retired Air force pilot and career officer with no ones arse to put a air force Majors boot toe into any more save my wife of 50 years. I hold my assaholicupyerarse off when it comes to her as she is such a pretty little thing and I kinda like her.

    I have a strange affiliation with video games, especially the horror variety, the macob, weird and strangely unrealistic. I have a poster of Jason(Friday the 13th horror movie ) on my office wall. But this condition is balance out by my regular flying ( in real life) and in the simulators that clutter my hard drive.
    I do a little beta testing for two big gaming companies thanks to one of your wacko community members getting me in the door, yes I know stuff about “Doom” that none of your will for a year...yeah it is good poop.
    I fly Fsx and 3DPV4.4, the ladder thanks to that same mentally deficient member of your yet to be seen as "fine" community. I know that your will pass the test. I also beta test for that same weirdo and have a new You tube channel that I occasionally put up beta footage on( when the stars line up and the equinox is ok and god smiles on my crap internet connection and I actually get a good stream of data...)and just flying of pay ware and free ware and of course other video games I play and mostly tolerate.

    Here is one on a pretty good Banshee-

    The reason for this pre-amble if you haven't already figured it out is to say “Hello” I’m “New” here and will be hanging around just being a general pain in the rear hairy parts of ya’all.

    My Neighbor is a fella called Ted Nugent, not a bad kid, but his g-dam dag just did a squat and deposit on my front lawn…so I will go for now but I will return later on after I talk to the young fella about the art of being a good neighbor…besides his wife is such a pretty little thing and she makes good coffee apple pie...he is not a bad guy for a long hair...I guess...

    I will return, so be ready with coffee, your report, and my hanger cleaned and swept!

    Big Moe out!

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    Welcome aboard...…………...


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    SOH-CM-2020 MrZippy's Avatar
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    Feb 2014
    Sam Clam's Disco, Calif.
    Welcome! You gonna share that apple pie?? Rob does fine work on his aircraft (all of them!). Watched some of your video until listening to "Don't sink" caused me to run out of the room, screaming!!!
    Charlie the "Balldude" Running FSX With SP1 and SP2 2GHZ processor with 2Gbits Memory Computer running Windows EXPEE (This is not a bladder condition)

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    Welcome Aboard

    Welcome aboard, major from the 461st Bomb Group Heavy (B-24J) Virtual CO and crew

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    SOH-CM-2020 Cees Donker's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Zoetermeer, Netherlands
    Nice vid! Welcome aboard! Ted Nugent? The guitarist?


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    Welcome to the premier flight simulator site of all time. Glad you are here. You will find some unbelievable talent in our members for just about any project you may have or are interested in. Tom
    Regards, Tom Stovall KRDD

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    I have an incredible feeling of deja vu.
    Joe Cusick
    San Francisco Bay Area, California.

    I am serious, and stop calling me Shirley.

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    Jan 2011
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    Welcome bud.
    SoCal Y22......North Pole, Alaska

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    Welcome Major. Excellent video. Spent a little time in the USAF myself, '69-'73, working in the bomb dump. Looking forward to more, colorful, posts and videos.
    Don H

    Republic Of Gamers ASUS CrossHair VI Hero MB, AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 8core, 16thread, 3.7GHz Base, 4.3GHz Max, Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000MHz DDR4 32GB, XLR8 Gaming GeForce RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6 OC DirectX 12, Thermaltake M850W SMART Series PCU, Corsair H100i CC Watercooler, CoolMaster HAF922 case, Win10 Professional 64bit, Saitek Flight Equipment, Oculus RIFT VR, 50" 4K LG TV/Monitor

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    "I will return, so be ready with coffee, your report, and my hanger cleaned and swept!"

    You'll find the Coffee Pot in the ready room, the brooms, mops and cleaner in the utility cupboard and we senior Non Coms never do 'reports'!

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    Welcome to the SOH world Big Moe

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    Well now, this hangar is looking...acceptable!

    this is

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    Welcome to our Outpost here, Moe!

    My scenery development galleries:

    Solomon 1943 V2 Open beta download:
    Solomon 1943 V2 update 2013-02-05 download:

    Current Project: DHC-4 / C-7a Caribou by Tailored Radials
    Dev-Gallery at

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