Flight 19 is hunting German secrets
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Thread: Flight 19 is hunting German secrets

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    Flight 19 is hunting German secrets

    Got a cryptic message to meet at EDDF, so there goes the Greek holiday...

    Grabbed a ride in an ANG cargo flight and got to Frankfort in time to find Taco and TK
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    Hey There!

    Well, Flight 19 is back in the air. Last nights flight from EDDF Frankfurt to EDDH Hamburg. Not a bad flight some rain and plenty of clouds and a mild head wind. Dudley and I were flying at an altitude of 4500+ and the Moses and Tako_kichi were up to an altitude of 10,000 or so. Still the big shots of this deal haven't put forth any information concerning these crazy flights, sure in heck, I hope they tell us something soon might just head for the nearest McDonalds lol. I talk to our Flight Controller about this situation, Explained, No information forth coming, and then, myself, no flieeee! One strange thing that occurred at Frankfurt was that a bunch of military personal came aboard and they were loaded for bear, and to me the meanest group of yo-yos I ever seen and giving us a look like we are going to kick ass and take names!!! . The head rabbit, gave us a dirty look so Dudley and I told him we seen nothing. hehe. More later, next flight EDDH to EDDK.

    PS. sorry no picture, this bloody machine just won't take picture.

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    Captured precision German engineering...

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    Hello again!

    Darn, still know information concerning this adventure, so I told this head yo-yo, OK, with me, so take your people off of the C-119. It is going to be nice going with to get away from this crap! hehe. Wow! this turkey just came unglued and unclip the hold down for his pistol, Dudley gave me a swift kick into me leg, and told me I better think it over it would look nice with blood all over your cloths. You know something I would look kind of funny and messy, Ok, Buster we will fly! Damn!

    Now back to the flight. We left EDDH and headed straight to EDDK. After we landed and started to turn off on the taxi way this here p/u with a follow me sign, well make a longer story shorter, he led us to a back water hanger and office where the fellows in the back, gun drawn and started to look for, I have know idea. Then they drew a line from the door to the office and directly to the rear doors and the chief yo-yo led some civilians aboard, shuck, now they really raise heck about the heaters again. With the females aboard I guess we should increase the tem. we have enough fuel. Darn, if they didn't bring aboard some boxes with top Secret written in German. Right then I got the feeling that this wasn't going to be any picnic.

    Again no picture, darn it

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    STAND-DOWN-STAND DOWN! Holy cow what the heck is going on now? Should know in a minute here comes the head Chief. Here we were ready to fly the next flight and this happens STAND-DOWN. The Chief led us in to a small office took off his cap and told us he is sorry for the darn mess we are. We mention to him what mess, we are just drivers hehe.
    Well any way after all cooled down he explain to us why the Stand-down. A group of the questionable people had broke into over in a town not to far from here, well anyway his people over make a break for it and only got this far, and the other never followed. So here it is, as soon as these cone go through the file and verified the bunch you will be loaded again and you will be heading for Düsseldorf. Hehe, that's only a 10 min flight, and the question was brought up how in the heck will this throw off the bad guy. This chief was cool, he thought these headquarter didn't know there behinds from a hole in the ground. Well anyway, he did give us some sort of information concerning what we are transporting. Which was different.

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    Have arrived in Dusseldorf.

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