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Thread: Questions re ETO install guide & files

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    Questions re ETO install guide & files

    Hi everyone,

    fairly new to this. I did a fresh install of stock CFS3 patched to 3.1a.
    Wanted to give ETO a try. I downloaded the ETO install guide by hairyspin and the files from the sticky post of sixstrings5859.
    However there the discrepancies begin for me.

    The guide starts with installing ETO Rev 1.0 . However this file seems not to be included in the sticky post of ETO files, unless I 'm somewhat dumb (could be) and missed it somehow.

    I ended up with 5 files plus guide
    cumulative Rev 1.20
    cumulative Rev 1.40
    cumulative Rev 1.40hotfix
    cumulative Rev 1.50
    ETO config pack

    So I am somewhat confused. Is the original Rev 1.0 missing or no longer necessary?

    I thought that cumulative normally means approx " including everthing up to" but then I wonder
    why everything besides the cumulative Rev 1.50 update is necessary at all?

    Also I would kindly request some clarification re the installation location mentioned in the guide:

    It says for x64 systems must install into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft
    Games". otherwise the installation will fail.

    But I installed my stock CFS3 into D:\combatflightsimulator3, so there was no Microsoft games folder created at all.

    So where exactly should I install initially into?

    Sorry for the many question, but it seems its important to follow the installation guide step for step and I 'm already having
    issues getting this stuff sorted out...

    Kind regards,


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    Not sure about some of your questions without thinking back a few years but I can say.
    1, I install the stock CFS3 up to 1a in the normal place. I assume one could also install it into D:\Program Files (x86) as well.
    2. IMO ans others, it's best not to install others, inc. ETO, in the programs folder(s), but in C:\ or D:\ or whatever. I have installs in at least C and D! I assume you have the multicfs3.exe?

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    There is a version 1.0 in the download section in the sticky section. You must install this first. You will need to follow the instructions given in the sticky section on installing the ETO and PTO-RS. There are bat files that need to be modded for the ETO install to operate properly with Win.7 and Win.10. Follow them to the letter and you not have a problem. Good luck ! Regards,Scott

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    The .BAT files - all of them need this fix below. I tested it last night but am at work again so apologies for not using exact file names but it should be easy to get, I hope

    Further the MASTERSTARTUP BAT also changes directory using cd to the global layer and runs a BAT there. You need to add in MASTERSTARTUP a line to change the directory back to the main one AFTER the call to the global layer BAT.

    The easiest way to do this is to completely copy the change directory to global layer line and insert a line after the global swapper BAT in MASTERSTARTUP BAT and paste it there. Then delete the "/global layer directory" from the end of it so that it will change directory to the root of the install.

    I would also add these points:
    - do this:
    - if adding shaders or changing graphics game might crash.
    - if so in windows explorer go to C:\Users\...your user name...\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\ dir... and then delete the 2 (or 1) files there, now someone can chime in (at work can't remember) but I think they were both xmls and had the word "recovery" or meant preferences in some way?
    - then go back to install directory and run cfs3config.exe and choose to change the resolution and choose AA to be off.

    - then run game as per normal and should work from there, may need to change the settings for display in game.

    ======Fix for all BAT files=====================
    - note by installing to a non program files (x86) directory doesn't mean this issue is avoided with UAC at all (as link explains)

    When you run a batch file as administrator under windows vista and above the current directory gets set to C:\windows\system32. This can prevent your scripts from working correctly if you use relative paths.

    Note - if UAC is on.

    To fix this problem, include these two lines at the top of your .bat script for each BAT file.

    @setlocal enableextensions
    @cd /d "%~dp0"


    Examples of issues (if you don't do this, should also have trouble changing eras et al):

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    thank you very much! You're right, I was somehow stubbornly overlooking the ETO Rev.1.00 folder in the one download file and focussing only on the config pack in that same file instead.
    Sorry for that.


    thank you for that hint with the bat files. I'll try to get it sorted. It all still seems a bit overwhelming to me with the install, but I'll try going step by step with the guide.

    Kind regards,


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    The 2 files to delete if things go bad I mentioned have the word "override" in them

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    It maybe that the batch files do work for some as is. I have no real problems with the regular 5 era ETO; only with my special 10 era one sometimes.

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    There is actually more complexity here which is why there is such a variance in behaviour.

    - depends upon running as admin
    - depends on your notify UAC setting upon changes.
    - depends upon your current windows explorer directory

    Reference for this additional:

    Therefore I recommend everyone make the 2 line changes

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