Hi everyone,

fairly new to this. I did a fresh install of stock CFS3 patched to 3.1a.
Wanted to give ETO a try. I downloaded the ETO install guide by hairyspin and the files from the sticky post of sixstrings5859.
However there the discrepancies begin for me.

The guide starts with installing ETO Rev 1.0 . However this file seems not to be included in the sticky post of ETO files, unless I 'm somewhat dumb (could be) and missed it somehow.

I ended up with 5 files plus guide
cumulative Rev 1.20
cumulative Rev 1.40
cumulative Rev 1.40hotfix
cumulative Rev 1.50
ETO config pack

So I am somewhat confused. Is the original Rev 1.0 missing or no longer necessary?

I thought that cumulative normally means approx " including everthing up to" but then I wonder
why everything besides the cumulative Rev 1.50 update is necessary at all?

Also I would kindly request some clarification re the installation location mentioned in the guide:

It says for x64 systems must install into "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft
Games". otherwise the installation will fail.

But I installed my stock CFS3 into D:\combatflightsimulator3, so there was no Microsoft games folder created at all.

So where exactly should I install initially into?

Sorry for the many question, but it seems its important to follow the installation guide step for step and I 'm already having
issues getting this stuff sorted out...

Kind regards,