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    Lightbulb Some Newbie question

    Hello everyone,

    recently acquired CFS3 and trying to get started. I had an initial scan of the forum here, (normally am over in the FSX subforums) and a few questions came up , regarding some of the available addons.
    So starting out with a fresh stock install, what are my options ?

    Or more to the point , are ETO , PTO and MAW mutually exclusive or can they be installed simultaneously into the same base install? Does either one of them require an additional purchase besides the Original CFS 3 CD/DVD?
    Are they all compatible with the Shader Mod of Ankor?

    Ah and one more thing, the 1% term, is that simply an expression for saying this or that addon aircraft has a very accurate flight model ,or is this a seperate , general addon ,that corrects the flight models of a number of featured aircraft?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    Kind regards,


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    ETO, PTO and MAW all create their own installs automatically. All of them are completely free, you only need the stock CFS3 which is used as the base for all of them. First install the stock game, then install the rest, get four installs for the price of one - although you won't want to play the original after seeing the rest, believe me.

    The shaders work with every version CFS3, they (an older version but still) even come stock with ETO but can be added to all of them.

    1% is just a term used to indicate flight models with high accuracy, originally made by AvHistory but since "licenced" to some add-on makers too. MAW uses solely AvHistory 4.00 series flight models, considered the best in the "industry" but very hard (if not downright impossible nowadays since AvHistory shut down years ago) to get aftermarket permissions for. The older 2.8x series is considered more of freeware since it can be compiled with the available Excel workbook and found in most add-ons.

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    HI Greycap, thank you very much for your quick reply. Ok got it.Sounds good. Will try to get started on the stock version and ETO. Kind regards, Flapsfull

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