ETO - I believe I have found a fix for all the batch files
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Thread: ETO - I believe I have found a fix for all the batch files

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    ETO - I believe I have found a fix for all the batch files

    I am at work and while haven't tested I already believe this is the solution.

    When you run a batch file as administrator under windows vista and above the current directory gets set to C:\windows\system32. This can prevent your scripts from working correctly if you use relative paths.

    Note - if UAC is on.

    To fix this problem, include these two lines at the top of your .bat script for each BAT file.

    @setlocal enableextensions
    @cd /d "%~dp0"


    Examples of issues (if you don't do this, should also have trouble changing eras et al):

    Now to get on to test the wonderful Arado 234 and Focke Wulf 190 and others here

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    This works for me. Nice find P38man! I was always having to run a regedit file I made to turn UAC on and off. Great to be able to switch eras easily now. Thanks!

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    =========posted in other thread but putting here as well ===================

    There is actually more complexity here which is why there is such a variance in behaviour.

    - depends upon running as admin
    - depends on your notify UAC setting upon changes.
    - depends upon your current windows explorer directory

    Reference for this additional:

    Therefore I recommend everyone make the 2 line changes

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    Much obliged!
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