FSX:SE Joystick not Working
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Thread: FSX:SE Joystick not Working

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    FSX:SE Joystick not Working

    Hey guys,
    so I haven't used FSX:SE in a while until recently. Inputs from my joystick no longer work. The sim can "see" the joystick, but it isn't responding to any inputs. I already made sure all the boxes in the Steam controller menu are UNCHECKED, and the joystick is enabled in the sim. I even completely uninstalled FSX:SE, including everything in the program files, and everything in users/app data/roaming, and then reinstalled. I'm at a loss folks. What am I missing here?

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    Bump please!

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    Hi I know this is an old thread but I just joined this forum.

    A little over a year ago the Steam application was updated in such a way that it has its own controller interface for all games that runs under Steam, including FSX:SE (which otherwise doesn't use Steam's features besides the F12 key for screen shots).

    So here's how to fix this issue:

    a) Ensure that the controllers you want to use are plugged in and that FSX:SE is not running.
    b) Go to the Steam application. Go to Settings-->Controller-->General Controller Settings
    c) You will see five checkboxes. Uncheck everything (although I have had success leaving the topmost box checked). Close it and confirm any warning messages.
    d) Try using FSX again. Does the fix work?

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