Help with MCX animations
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Thread: Help with MCX animations

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    Help with MCX animations

    Hi all,
    I am working with the Virtavia KA-3B and attempting to freeze the animation for the refueling drogue - so it remains extended.
    I have been able to freeze the animation using animation editor in Model Converter X but upon exporting to a new model, i get these odd pieces of the wings (possibly the slats) that stick out in space (see attached screenshots).

    Then after saving as a new model, updating the model config with the new "normal" name, and updating the aircraft config, when i attempt to load in FSX, i receive a "visual model cannot be displayed" error, and of course, the loading window is clear (no visual model).

    Anyone have experience with this, and a possible solution?


    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails KA3B VIEW 1.jpg   KA3B VIEW 2.jpg   KA3B VIEW 3.jpg  

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    Those are the flaps, or part of the flaps, whose pivot points MCX can not handle.

    You will have to freeze ALL animations manually at sensible points (0 for flaps, 50 for ailerons, elevators, rudder) instead of freezing them all at once at 100.

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    Many thanks for the intel on the flaps and freezing the various animations.
    Will try that and re-compile/export to see if that also fixes the issue related to the visual model not showing up.

    Thanks again Bjoern!


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    looks like the leading edge slats. Probably the name is incorrect for the animation.
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