B737-200 with Good VC
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Thread: B737-200 with Good VC

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    B737-200 with Good VC

    I'm looking for a B 737-200 with nice VC and not the stock 737-800 one. and must be freeware. Just bought the 737-200 Justflight one and it's "custom instruments" which makes it very difficult to fly. I've been out of FSX for a few years and lost all my old setups. I had a beautiful 737-200 "WestJet" it had the correct vc and was so fun to fly. Any one have any suggestions please let me know. David

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    For a fantastic old school 737-200? Captain Sim! Steam gauges and color weather radar. Lots of repaints available @ AVSIM. There is no good freeware 737-200 for FSX. FS2004 has the excellent Tin Mouse, but no VC.

    The Old Master Sergeant

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    Not so fast....... the Tinmouse one has been FSX'd and a VC added. It's free but no idea how good, bad or indifferent it might be..

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    I agree with "Sarge" -

    the Captain Sim for FSX / or FSX Steam is outstanding. There is also now a P3D version, which I also have. The FSX version price is gradually going down.

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    I have always enjoyed the Milviz 737-200C. For FSX and P3D v2 and v3. Works perfectly for me in P3D v4.5. Check it out on the Milviz website.
    Regards, Tom Stovall KRDD

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    The 737-200 at http://www.sgair.de/aircraft-classics.html either just have 2Ds or use the stock 737-800. Captain Sim's uses custom gauges. Aircraft with "custom" gauges I take issue with because I cannot use the panel I made for all my aircraft which I place on a second monitor. Do this so I don't have to know where the clickie spots are for each aircraft. at 71 my memory is not as crisp! I'll keep looking and thanks for the suggestions so far. Fun to look at different sights and you never know what I will find. Thanks David

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldmsgt View Post
    There is no good freeware 737-200 for FSX. FS2004 has the excellent Tin Mouse, but no VC.


    Also an "ahem" for FS9:
    (Download: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib...ght&fid=204949 )

    Both use the TinMouse's panel, so you get the complete deal. Model is different though, so liveries won't work.

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    I gave up trying to find freeware 737-200 and reloaded Captain Sim's 707, 727, 737 and c130. They are all fine aircraft and work better then before. Captain must have recoded them or it's me. But am happy with these. Didn't cost me anything I was allowed back into my old account and still able to reinstall them all. Nice!

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