News Round Up - Feb 03/2020
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Thread: News Round Up - Feb 03/2020

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    News Round Up - Feb 03/2020

    2019 CoV-n-Wuhan 1 confirmed cases nearing 12,000. Roughly 1000 new cases a day are appearing as this very odd virus spreads.
    Disturbing reports and confirmatory video's are tricking out of the PRC, detailing ominous PRC enforcement protocols. PRC police have been recorded installing steel boot-jacks across apartment doors, physically locking the residents into their domiciles. Other documentary footage shows CBRN-garbed police arriving en mass, locking and loading small arms - pistols, SMG's - and then proceeding on task, though no associated arrest proceedings have been observed. PRC officials are also, typically, ordering culls of Dogs and Cats, despite no canine or feline connections to the outbreak.
    Unconfirmed (by Electro-optical means) reports of mass cremations have also circulated, some of these are from credible sources, others rumour.
    PRC officials have, quite predictably, condemned U.S. response to the outbreak, while praising the Canadian response. This is a bit peculiar, as both nations quarantine and travel restriction protocols are identical.
    CNN has levelled vitriolic criticism of the Trump Administration's handling of the outbreak, loudly condemning the inadequate diversity of the crisis committee.

    In sports news, there was some kind of football game yesterday. Very little coverage of the game was seen, most media coverage focused on automobile adverts and cellulite-dimples as large bottoms were vigorously agitated in traditional American folk dancing displays. Like Morris-Dancing in the UK, nobody is really sure what it all means.

    In BREXIT news, many monstrous hang-overs have been reported as a giant pub-crawl broke out over the week-end. Otherwise, civilization has not collapsed, despite dire predictions of post-apocalyptic conditions from some quarters.

    The Iowa (D) primary Convention gets under way today. This is seen as a key indicator of trends in some quarters. Many would just prefer a cage-match.

    The Nobel Peace Prize has been down-graded to foil-wrapped chocolate after St. Greta has been nominated yet again for cutting classes.

    On this day in History. Feb 03, 1820, nothing of any significance occurred in West-Pump Handle, Swan. I mean, Saskatchewan.

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