LM AC-130J Conversion
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Thread: LM AC-130J Conversion

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    LM AC-130J Conversion

    Just like the KC-130 conversion, I've modernised the P3D AC-130 to a J model, I will provide a link shortly

    FS Painter @ The Hangar


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    Nice, any work on the "J" VC that comes with 4.5?
    Fly Navy/Army (Ret. 2/2018)

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    I can, i havent looked that the full glass vc in a while, from memory i didnt like it, so I stuck with the eicas panels

    I will revisit the newer VC
    FS Painter @ The Hangar


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    Thanks for the work so far Matt, another guy is working the Harvest Hawk kit over on the VRS forums. The CS C-130 model as great as it is, probably has had one single request from FS9, an updated panel. I was initially "wowed" when I updated to 4.5 and found the "soft panel" option only to be quickly frustrated that nothing working in the glass "J" pit. If I only had the skills and time to code gauges.
    Fly Navy/Army (Ret. 2/2018)

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    I was down in Navarre FL in October and saw a bunch of these bad boys on the ramp at Hurlburt .

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    Nice work. One observation is that the new AC-130J has a rather different weapon and sensor setup than the older H model depicted in the model.

    If I have understod correct so did the block 10 AC-130J feature just a single barrel 30mm GAU-23 in front of the left gearbay/sensor station (+ gravity weapons). The Block 20 added the 105mm in its usual rear position. But it does not carry any 40mm Bofors or 20mm Vulcans.

    Best regards
    Repainting since FS5..

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