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    Island Airlines Nantucket

    I used to fly the Flysim Cessna 402C a couple years ago when I first bought it for Nantucket Airlines and created textures also for Island Airlines and Cape Air back when all of them shared the ramp at Nantucket. Now Island Airlines is no more closing their doors in 2015 and only Cape Air and Nantucket Air are flying from Nantucket. I reinstalled my ORBX Nantucket and here are some shots taken earlier today. I also resurrected and installed my flight plans for Cape Air, Nantucket Air and Island Air circa 2005. I discovered a while ago that you can "go aboard" an ai aircraft and even follow its whole flight plan if you want which is really cool. Here are some screen shots. I spent 3 days creating this Island Airlines repaint for the Carenado Beechcraft D-18S which I really like to fly. This was really a challenge but I am satisfied with how it turned out. The last photo is the real one. Its slightly different configuration than Carenado's, not sure exactly what model of the Beechcraft D-18 it is since there were a lot of them.

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    I believe it's an E18 or later. Note the squared off wingtips. I've been asking designers to do this version. The wings and nose are different. Note too, it also has 3 bladed Hartzell props on it. Nice repaint! Is it available for download?

    Don BP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bushpounder View Post
    I believe it's an E18 or later. Note the squared off wingtips. I've been asking designers to do this version. The wings and nose are different. Note too, it also has 3 bladed Hartzell props on it. Nice repaint! Is it available for download?

    Don BP
    Thank you for that information. I found a site on the internet showing all the differences in the Beech 18's. The download is available on my Island Airlines Virtual Webpage which I just created last week and then I will universally share it later.*

    *didn't notice the spelling error in the name until it was too late (both in the hour of the night I did it and its locked in until I get a real domain later. then I can respell it correctly though it makes it kinda of unique) LOL

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    Corrected the website name


    I managed to figure out how to correct the name so this it didn't look stupid:

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    Island Airlines Virtual

    With a lot of help from edakridge I managed to get the Virtual Airline Manager software and databases all uploaded and linked to our Banner website so that we are ready to accept new pilots. Its a nice little VA just like its namesake with 24 routes in all --20 minute daily scheduled flights between Nantucket and Barnstable for passengers and once in a while a charter to Martha's Vineyard. All beautiful airports. Island Airlines and Cape & Islands Air Freight were partners until they closed their doors in 2015 abruptly. I was able to use my Island Airlines textures on the Carenado C208B Cargomaster so that I can fly the Cape & Islands Air Freight too. Here is the latest addition to the fleet, the Cessna C414 also used for passengers.

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    Latest Repaint

    This is my latest repaint for Island Airlines Virtual, I found the photo on the internet. This was their last Grand Caravan which I did for my Carenado C208C. It is also nice that the texture fits perfectly for the Carenado Cargomaster because the C208 seats can be removed and it can carry cargo so I can use it for Cape And Islands Air Freight runs which are a charter on our VA. Here is a screenshot: It was a real challenge with the sweeping lines on the side with Carenado's 3 part fuselage. I repainted it in Adobe Photoshop.

    Our VA is complete now under VAM and I am looking for at least 4 more VATSIM pilots to join so we can apply for Partnership with VATSIM.

    I have downloaded the MSDC Beech D18S with the paintkit so that I can create the Island Airlines paint as above on the Carenado and make it available with a link to that beautiful freeware FSX Beech D18. It would be really nice since Milton made the GMAX files all available for someone who knows how (not me, I don't have a clue LOL) or even the team to convert and upload an H18 version with the square wingtips which the Island Airlines actually was.
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    Thank you for the Beech 18 repaint. Looks great! Has a nice, classic look to it. I used to run a small VA up there from Islip to the islands and the Cape.

    BP Don

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    Thank You

    I was hoping it would turn out as good as it did with all those sweeping-tapered stripes, whew!. All our flights are only 20 minutes because of basically shuttles back and forth from Nantucket to Barnstable. If you are still actively flying i would love to have you as a pilot with us.

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    I live by Logan and see the Cape Air 402s constantly leaving and heading south and always wonder how many passengers are on those flights.


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    Cape Air Cessna 402c Passengers

    The flights can carry a passenger load of 8; if no copilot or jumpseat pilot aboard, 9. Since we use FSPassengers for our VA Island Airlines Virtual the last two flights have had 6 passengers each on our Cessna 402c.

    Attached is a PDF file of Cape Air's Cessna 402c Seating chart and arrangement.

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    image via @Aviationdaily on Twitter,
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    When I flew Cape Air Routes a few years ago, I flew from time to time into KBOS, is that where this was taken? Yes it is a bit hairy compared to the nice quiet city pairs I now fly on Island Airlines old routes in our time span of 1991-2015. One night I got chewed out by a KBOS controller when I had a computer glitch of my comms on VATSIM.

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    LOL at those pictures. Reminded me of back in the day when I was in flight training, my flight instructor had me fly into Logan in a Cherokee 140 to pick up another flight school instructor that was on a flight into Boston. All was going so well until the tower told me to keep my speed up as I had a 727 on my tail. I didn't land, I flew onto the runway and took a turn for the first taxiway with one wheel off the ground.


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    Flight ISA 224 Today

    I haven't been able to fly the last week because of real life and this pandemic but today is quiet so I decided to book a flight in VAM on our website and fly from KHYA to KACK which as all of our scheduled flights is a total of about 40 minutes including preflight-checklist-flight-shutdown. All nice for busy people. Since we use FSDT GSX for flight operations we had 5 passengers which were transported from the terminal to the flightline in the airport van:

    Taxied to the active runway and no wait to take off. Notice the snow that has drifted onto the runway with Sim Physics which I really like...

    The weather was clear up to 12,000AGL and we only fly 3,500-4,500 VFR unless conditions are IMC. I used a GPS flight plan but forgot that FSX is not the greatest at getting you to the right spot to descend and I was on AP and distracted with a UPS delivery of PAPER TOWELS which the Good Lord found for us which if where you live in the world is one of the "nobody gots" along with TP and LYSOL. LOL!

    Once I made a second pass I flew it manually just letting the AP handle the altitude as I followed the GPS track to the feathers for runway 24 and then a smooth, beautiful landing at Nantucket KACK. Taxied to the ramp with FSX ATC and here is the aircraft all set for the night. I like the FLTSIM Cessna 402C a lot and it has a menu of cool stuff you can see like chocks and tie-downs which I know is eye candy but looks great when you are taking screen shots.

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