FS9 paintkits in FSX?
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Thread: FS9 paintkits in FSX?

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    FS9 paintkits in FSX?

    I have a quick question. Will the FS9 paintkit for the Alphasim/Virtavia Douglas A-3 Skywarrior work with FSX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Switchblade408 View Post
    I have a quick question. Will the FS9 paintkit for the Alphasim/Virtavia Douglas A-3 Skywarrior work with FSX?
    Just in general terms, paint kits transcend various Sims. Be it a single layer "basic" paint kit or a more comprehensive "layered" paint kit, the fact that it was done for an FS9 is of little consequence. Many painters might only use it as a template to build a larger texture version (1024x1024 to 4096x4096) or if the kit format happens to be one for a paint program you don't use (Paint Shop Pro vs Adobe Photoshop) and even then there are ways around that.

    One Note: if the mapping has changed from the FS9 version to whatever you're FSX version has then the paint kit may not match but that's easily checked by comparing the various exterior textures to what is on the paint kit.

    Try it, you won't ruin anything by trying.
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    The FSX A-3 is the FS9 Skywarrior, no changes in mapping, though a couple of supplementary textures for glass and armament have been added.
    The FS9 'payware' version also uses the same basic textures.

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    Also, remember that you can use the lines and rivets from a paintkit (whether layered or IL2 "void" style) to make a base you can then use for the FSX bump map (i.e. the "normal" map) which can give you a 3D effect in FSX by using only textures. You can check out the SDK and the stock metal and camo DC-3 in FSX to see what I mean. There is also some good info here:


    There are a lot of resources there as well with info when it comes to FSX and later.

    Hope this helped somewhat!

    Miami, FL

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