Well mainly typos or spellings. I have been going through gsl entries and facility files and airfield folders to find specific LW airfields. I found some things to check in your install with these Luftwaffe airfields

1. ACC_LWParis-Orly_airbase.xml should be ACC_LW-Paris-Orly_airbase.xml as in gsl

2. LW-Melun-Villaroche in gsl but no facility file or airfield folder. Anyone have those?

3. ACC_LW-Evreux_airbase.xml misspelled in facility as Evreaux.

4. ACC_LW-Amsterdam-Schiphol.xml facility misspelled as "Schipol" no 'h' Also the airfield folder. gsl correct

5. Anyone looking for 'Rheims' should know it's spelled 'Reims' AFAIK