this morning,just north of the auburn airport,a Stinson Vultee V-77 crashed killing a father and son,80 and 53,the younger man worked for the rancho cordova police department.they were residents of meadow vista ca,which is just a few miles east of auburn.if im right,this plane was reciently finished as a restoration,and had gotten a few even made it into air classics magazine.i may be wrong,but the plane im speaking of was a stinson,and was red in color as is the crashed plane,and i know the owner was from meadow vista..i am assuming here so i may be wrong,but if im right,the man,whop would have been just a few years younger then my father and his best friend,knew the guy well (from work and play ,cars planes and such) shame,there is video on youtube already and jhas made the news in socal already,the crash happened about two or three hours ago.