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Thread: Tech help

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    Tech help

    I have a dedicated desktop for all my sims and the OS is Windows home 32 bit . I want to upgrade the ram from 4 to 8 but will require 64 bit OS. The cpu is a dual core 2.4 GHZ and the dual channels will handle the upgrade on the ram. I don't want to go to Windows 7 as yet on this unit and the question is does anyone run CFS 2 on XP pro 64 or Window Vista. A friend has some unused full versions of vista I can use.

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    You could get a 64 bit version of Windows XP pro, but good luck on finding the drivers for your system for that OS. You won't find them. Not anymore, nobody makes them anymore.

    Windows Vista and Windows 7 are now officially no longer supported by Micro$oft. You won't get any security updates for them anymore and drivers for any system will probably be as difficult to find as XP 64 bit.

    I'm afraid that reality dictates that you'll have to move over to Windows 10. After a bit (a small bit even) of tweaking, you'll see that Windows 10 is the best OS Micro$oft ever came up with. It's very light on the system and it offers the best performance of all Micro$oft operating systems so far.

    I use Windows 10 on all my rigs and you'll never hear me complain!


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    Icon28 Reply...


    I beg to differ. Many of us to varying degrees have had all sorts of issues with running CFS2 on a Windows 10 system:

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    Would you mind setting forth what you did for Win 10 tweaking ?? Thank You.

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    Quote Originally Posted by highpockets View Post

    Thanks. I shall peruse this thread for some good ideas.

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