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Description: This repaint pack shows LET-410UVP in Aeroflot red and blue liveries. CCCP-67027 and later RA-67027 with C/N 810629 was one of twenty operated Let-410UVP by the former Aeroflot flight training school at Sasovo. Withdrawn from use by 2009.

Blue CCCP-67173 and later RA-67173 with C/N 790209 was used by Aeroflot since 1979 as passenger and cargo transport aircraft at Saratov/Volga, later 1991 as RA-67173 in Kasan until 1996. Was sold to Latvia to cargo carrier Concors Air Service in Riga and became YL-KAE. Since 2002 aircraft was stored in Riga, fully stipped of paint. In November 2019 YL-KAE got a new and funny paint.

For P3Dv4.4+ only

PWDT_L410_V3_PBR_1_base.zip and PWDT_L410_V3_PBR_2.zip is needed.

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