Blankensee Lubeck FS9 scenery
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Thread: Blankensee Lubeck FS9 scenery

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    Blankensee Lubeck FS9 scenery

    No, i haven't posted on the FS9 forum by mistake but after a bit of prodding ( Thanks Shessi ) and being really impressed by how well FS9 looks and works in my new Win 10 system, ive worked out that its little or no more work making airfields for both sims now that all the tools and SDK 's seem to work fine.

    The first on offer is Blankensee-Lubeck airfield, near the Baltic coast, NE Germany.

    The only objects you'll need is---, JD's conversion of Wolfi's CFS2 objects. you probably have these already :-)

    Ive used the same objects from my FS9 Westerland-Sylt scenery found in the SOH FS9 scenery section,
    But ive improved the texture's, if you like what ive done, You can remove the texture folder from Westerland, place it somewhere safe like desk-top, and then copy and paste the Blanksee-Luback texture folder to your Westerland-Sylt scenery and the new texture's should show

    There is also a small BGL included in this scenery that adds some extra object to the Westerland-Sylt scenery, some command bunker's and a few extra vehicles, i though i'd add it to the scenery, rather than an extra install :-)

    I have another small airfield on the go, plus an FSX version of this airfield to upload, and then i'll look at some of my past FSX airfields, some will work, some will have problems, well see
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    Thank you!

    Jawohl, wunderbar!

    Many thanks Ian, interesting, detailed and fun to fly from/to.

    So glad we tempted you back from the 'dark side'...hopefully more to come from House of Elliot..ha ha..



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    Very odd jobs man and MiGaholic
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    Excellent news, good too see you back in fs9 old chap.


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    Senior Administrator huub vink's Avatar
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    Its good to see you here again Ian. And very nice you took a present with you


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    Blankensee Lubeck FS9 scenery

    Thank Ian,
    thank you a lot not to forget us fs9 users
    thank you to give us german, european sceneries from WWII time
    I am very glad about your return

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    Your welcome, im finding FS9 much more suitable for my WW2 aircraft
    second airfields not far off---
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