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Description: This repaint shows Let-420 N410Y of Schutt Aviation. C/N 922729A. The Let-420 is an improved Let-410 variant with more powerful Walter M 601F engines, higher weights and improved performance designed to meet western certification requirements. Only two L420 were build. It first flew on November 10 1993 and was awarded US FAA certification in May 1998. The prototype L-420 OK-XYA came to the Australian International Airshow in 1995, operated by manufacturer LET Kunovice. It was later registered in the USA as N420LW, then N420Y, and returned to Australia in this guise on another demonstration tour in 2000. Schutt Aviation took over N420Y and planned the operation on the Moorabbin - Flinders Island - Tasmania run. In 2001 the aircraft was sold to South Africa as ZS-OSE.

For P3Dv4.4+ only

PWDT_L410_V3_PBR_1_base.zip is needed.

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