Warbirdsim P-51 gunsight controls anomaly
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Thread: Warbirdsim P-51 gunsight controls anomaly

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    Warbirdsim P-51 gunsight controls anomaly

    I hope someone with experience with the Warbirdsim P-51 packages can offer some help, as that publisher doesn't seem to have a product forum:

    In the "Mustang Tales" version of their P-51 Mustang series, the gunsight controls are part of the throttle handle, as was the case in the actual aircraft. In the planes that are modelled by WBS with the original gunsight, the twist of the throttle handle changes the range of the guns based on the size of the target aircraft. A cable attaches the handle to the sight, however in the sim, the cable detaches from the sight as the throttle is retarded. The loose end of the cable waves about and even protrudes through the canopy. This is hugely distracting, and seems to have occurred some time after the package was installed. It reminds me of the failures built into the A2A packages. Have I missed something? I do have Chase Plane installed also.

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    You need to have "Advanced Animations" selected/checked under "Global Options" in the FSX Display Settings.

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    Thank you, Bomber! You are correct, and I know how that became unchecked: I recently used Nvidia Inspector's video settings guide to update everything. I recall it advising to uncheck features that might be superceded by Steve's DX10 FXR. I failed to recall doing that.

    That's why come here... to learn from many people like you who are willing to help.

    Again, many thanks.

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