Keroman anyone?
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Thread: Keroman anyone?

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    Keroman anyone?

    Well, for what it's worth...

    My old PC is up, and running, kinda. I've been spending some time, going through things, and reminded about all the stuff I had on it. Wow! Main issue I have, right now is, no sound. Sound card with no driver installed, and refuses to take one. Wife tossed some of my PC stuff, long time ago, disc nowhere in sight. Gonna get a new card, this coming week, and try to get things back up to working right.
    Haven't messed with web hookup, yet, on this one, besides other things, like a printer.

    So far (fingers-crossed) my files seem to be okay. Haven't clicked on everything, yet, but what I have opened looks okay.

    So, I'm gonna ask, about Keroman (Lorient) U-boat bunkers. Going to check on it today, to remind myself where it's at. Hate putting all the work into a project like that, and nobody gets anything out of it. Still have much of my beta testers info, who got what, from so many years ago. Don't think I got much feedback.

    Keroman is a full replacement, for the stock Lorient sub base. Also needs to be placed in the Global Layer. Yeah, I'll include full instructions, for the install. Fairly good size pack. (Might even see if I can get a screenshot of it, for a looksee.) So, there it is...let me know what you think.

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    Welcome back! Sounds like an interesting project.
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    My home is just on the other side

    my home in brittany is just on the other side at Gavres.
    So of course that project interests me a lot .
    But would it be possible for FS2004 or again only for CFS or FSX?

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    Yes! While I was flying around the map painting the colors for the various bodies of water, I couldn't help but notice how lacking our port cities and facilities are. This would be a major improvement for at least one of them!

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    Yeah, your right there. Exactly why I decided to toss in my mix of many projects (groan!)

    But, for now, I'll back off the offer. After refreshing my memory, where I was on it, new looks at it, it still has a ways to go. Too many new buildings, and other structures, are needed, before I let it go. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait...just not there, yet.

    I can't tell you, if it would work in other sims. One main problem (?) would be getting it lined up, along the given coastline. Don't know. Maybe, after it's done, I'll let go of the gmax file, for those who want it.

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    I am realy hot to see this scenery in FS2004

    Hallo Crossram, to show you how close my home is to this site here a shot from google maps.
    I presume that it would be a "long tome project" I propose you to make photos of the actual site or provide you needed stuff in my next holydays home.
    Yes for the moment in reason of work I live in munich, but my loved familly keeps the house in brittany.
    The site of gavres was part of the Festung Lorient and so there was important artillery and Flak here
    My house for example is just beneath a bunker which housed a Pak defending the baye de lorient
    Yes Brittany is a region with a lot of history from the beginning to today
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails gavres overview.jpg  

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    Hiya, Papi! Yeah, I'd say your fairly close!

    Keroman is a big place, and a complex place, too. Thanks for the offers, but for the main part, have plenty of data to work off of.

    For one of these WW2 flight sims, though, I'm keeping with strictly that time era, how it was. And, within limits, to keep frame rates in reason, I try to keep things within reason. Not saying it is totally complete, but in limits, for the CFS3 build. There's plenty there, more coming, to represent what is there...and still is, to this day!

    CFS3 has U-boat bunkers, but there all one size fits all, a poor excuse. But, that's okay. Yeah, I'll go through the trouble, to make it look kinda what it did.

    As far as the sim your using, that I don't know anything on, after I have it done, no problem sharing my work. With the source files, and your sim, maybe you can get it crammed in.

    While I'm at it...tossing this out there, in CFS3 land. Damage profile points?? How many damage points, for something that is still standing, today?? Ideas, thoughts, catcalls...

    Back to my rat killin'.

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    please please a FS2004 version !!!

    Hallo Crossram,

    I really hope this project to be avaible also for FS2004.
    I must say that I am angry and sad about so much interesting sceneries that passes under our fs2004 user noses.
    I was near to stop flightsimming in reason of that. FS2004 still lives !!!
    Concerning the dammage profile:
    I do not use CFS3 my old pc would not agree with it and there are too much limitation concerning the airplane cockpits.
    Now I will say something concerning damage profile of Keroman. The allies did never had succes to bomb through the seven meters big
    top of these bunkers ! And there was alo a "Fangrost" over the top that should make the bombs explode but deviate the blast to the sides
    even the AA gun spots on the bunkers top never has been hit
    So the only damage could be in surrounding areas
    I do not know how large you will make yours scene but at Gavres was alo a german Radar implementation as I m told from older peoples there.
    Good luck for your project,

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    Yes! While I was flying around the map painting the colors for the various bodies of water, I couldn't help but notice how lacking our port cities and facilities are. This would be a major improvement for at least one of them!
    I agree with that!

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    Say it ain't so!

    Heck, it's 'only' been 15 years, since I've fooled with this stuff. (What have ya'll been doing??)
    Even back then, some things on scenery, I'm lost. I'll plug my way through it, though. Gotta learn more on .mos files, and the like.

    Even if Keroman is rough cut, it's a heck of a lot better, than what was. Some things, I've got to figure out how to adding in all the rail lines that went into it. Ya do want to blow up rail cars, don't ya?
    I've got the seawall, the three bunkers, and some of the other various buildings made. Still kinda lacking, what was there. More work...but, that's okay...happen to enjoy it. Nope, not a bunker junkie (okay, kinda), but that's not my limit. Just on my own install, I've made and added, aircraft, airfields, vehicles, ships, blah, blah.

    Still reminding myself, how the heck I did things, and go from there. My head hurts, already!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossram View Post
    Say it ain't so!


    Still reminding myself, how the heck I did things, and go from there. My head hurts, already!
    Don't worry; that happens every time I reopen Gmax for airfields after not using it for a year! I think there was some info on doing rail tracks somewhere in a sdk or other info. Frosty has always been a great help to me and done some nice tutorials. He hasn't uploaded them but I have most if you ever want them.

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    Lorient Keroman

    Hallo Crossram,
    as you spoke from railways, perhaps this card would be interesting for you
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails okm lorient.jpg  

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    Thank you, Michael! It all helps.

    As usual, I spend alot of time researching, what I'm doing on wartime Keroman now. One thing I'm trying to find out more on, is the area defences that were in place. On the three (actually four, with the one up river), have the gun stations in place, on the roofs. But, I know there's more, in the area. I prefer to be as accurate as possible, if I'm going through the trouble.
    I had also made an 88 (flak), and built a handful of the various flak batteries. Think I remember, I have one in the nearby area.

    As far as 'how big' Keroman is, the base I'm building, it covers the main area, to include most of it. Besides the bunkers themselves, I had to build a groundplace, to meet with the existing shoreline, and create the seawall. The base is on that groundplane.
    In CFS3, Lorient is fairly lean, I suppose via one's settings.

    Still on the wife's PC, to get online. Coming up, I'll get my PC online...then I'll be able to post some screenshots.

    I'm pretty sure I have all those tuts. Ya see, I need all the help I can get!!

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    Existing Facilities

    Hi Crossram,

    as you populate Lorient, don't forget there are a lot of specific facilities developed for ETO, which could save you from reinventing the wheel. For example, In ETO v 1.50 are a lot of facilities developed for Led Zeppelin's fabulous mission sets. If you look at his great body of work (eg. the Atlantic Wall, etc) you will see a variety of facilities which he may be prepared for you to utilise to help populate Lorient. Some of Loic's facilities may come from his mission sets, others will be in the facilities folder already for ETO v 1.50 (I haven't looked at this specifically).



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    Aotearoa, New Zealand
    Ooops, I meant to make it clear that obviously permission should be sought from Led Zeppelin!

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    I'm fighting a losing battle, with my old PC.
    Too many things don't work, system wise. Still no sound, and it refuses to accept the needed driver, even though I have several. Once even tried the driver install, after a re-boot...and got a blue screen. Tried getting wired up to get the internet working, re-booted, and got another blue screen. Lost cause.
    Yeah, I still have all my files. But, I'll have to decide what I want to do, going from here.

    That virus really fixed me up!

    I'll look at PCs, and go from there...

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    Hi crossram, nice to see you around!

    I'm from Brittany, my Mother is from Lorient and I went to the university there so, great, thanks for reactivating this old project!

    michaelvader, the lights at la Pointe de G‚vres are beautiful

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    Well, for now, anything I have is on hold. Not going to try to work on anything, since my PC is acting up.

    I was just as excited to crank things back up. Disappointed to say the least. If I can make things work, okay...if not, so be it!

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