Searching for an "ammunition" ship
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Thread: Searching for an "ammunition" ship

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    Searching for an "ammunition" ship

    Can anyone recommend a ship that would pass for an ammunition ship? I have a pier in a new scenery that just "screams" for an ammunition ship (or anything that generally resembles one). Pier is part of a ammunition bunker complex. Obviously can't be an oiler or container ship. Ideas please!Bill

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    Hi Bill,
    TBH does an ammo ship look any different from a normal cargo ship??

    Take a look at Page 17-18 of the CFS2 ships section in the Warbirds Library, plenty there and others if you plough through the whole section.



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    The only idea that comes to mind is that ships in scenery (GSL) do not blow up or sink. They will react if placed in a layout but not in the scenery .gsl itself. The same goes for AA guns - they won't fire.
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    Are you familiar with Sully's Liberty Ship?

    As for how you use whatever ship you decide on, Shadow Wolf's post is worth keeping in mind.

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    all good answers. Any cargo ship could be used for an ammo carrier. The most common allied ship was the Liberty type.

    For yours, you could use the CFS2_Liberty_Ship here:

    If you want it to blow up like it was carrying ammo, use this .dp

    Remember you either have to place it with MB or in a GSL for it to be destroy-able..

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    You might also give Sulley's a try.

    It includes some nice ammo barges that have their own unique dp files.

    Get them here

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