Project Tupolev Tu-154B-2 Being Updated for P3Dv4!
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Thread: Project Tupolev Tu-154B-2 Being Updated for P3Dv4!

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    Project Tupolev Tu-154B-2 Being Updated for P3Dv4!

    I periodically check (with the assistance of Google Translate) the "Russian Avsim" forums for the latest on any Russian/Soviet/CIS aircraft developments. Today, I discovered the following posted by someone named "seyco":


    Well, the good news came up - I launched the C ++ code core in P3Dv4 under x64!

    I tried it for a long time, the project did not compile. Today it took about 2 hours until I remembered what and how + I copied the project, threw everything except the kernel out of it because the compiler swears at all libraries that are under x86. I rummaged through the SDK examples, compared projects, changed something at home and earned the code. It turned out to be the easiest and fastest. Ahead to rewrite the sound stuffing, symconnect ... The rest of the code is universal and should work without changes (classic).

    So there are plans to release immediately 2 models under FSX (x86) and under P3Dv4 (x64).
    "Ну вот, появилась хорошая новость - я запустил ядро кода на С++ в P3Dv4 под х64!

    Как-то давно пробовал, не компилировался проект. Сегодня ушло около 2-х часов пока вспомнил что и как + скопировал проект, выкинул из него все кроме ядра ибо компилятор ругается на все библиотеки, что под х86. Порылся в примерах SDK, сравнил проекты, кое-что изменил у себя и код заработал. Это оказалось самым простым и быстрым. Впереди переписывать начинку звука, симконнект... Остальной код универсален и должен работать без изменений (классика).
    Так что в планах выпустить сразу 2 модели под FSX (х86) и под P3Dv4 (х64)."


    There are a few pictures on this page:

    There are also further images in the prior pages.

    No idea on how close this would be to release, but it will presumably be free as the original was, but with high-resolution textures, and full functionality in P3Dv4.

    For those unfamiliar, the original addon was a deep systems simulation of the Tupolev Tu-154B-2 tri-jet airliner from the Soviet Union / Russia, which debuted in the late 1970s.

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    Very good news. Thanks Sean!

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    the russians make some beautiful aircraft. Alas, I never learned to fly any of the virtual ones. Too much effort to master the Cyrillic cockpit.

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    Fantastic! Thanks for this news. Loved the Tu154 in FSX-SE. Took a bit of reading and watching youtube videos to get the hang of it but was well worth it. Of course that was before I went to P3D. Mind you, I have a soft spot for old jetliners. Russian ones included. Or especially. In the same vein - the TU-134 is being reworked for P3dV4:

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    It`s not old PT Tu-154 updated for P3Dv4. Seyco makes completely new model from from zero level since 2017. And it the will be paid.

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    As it should be!
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    You can yet fly that one in P3DV4 & FSX


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    So the Tu-154 is a new development. Thatís good to know. In any case, looking forward to it.

    Quote Originally Posted by thunder100 View Post
    You can yet fly that one in P3DV4 & FSX

    That appears to just be the port of one version of the exterior model (I think the former SCS version) paired with the default Boeing 737 cockpit. I think most who have interest in the Tu-134 are waiting for the more accurate simulation.

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    Wonderful news. Has anyone heard if the Tupelov 114 is being converted so that it will work in P3Dv4? In many aspects, it was the most spectacular aircraft of it's day.Bill

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    No insight into the 114, but that was from a different developer. I believe some basic ports are out there though.

    Again, for the 154, I now want to specify that it sounds like itís an independent development NOT related to Project Tupolev, and it will be payware.

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