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Description: These aircraft are modified versions of the Cal Classicís DC-7s. Done with the permission of Cal Classics I have taken their aircraft and modified them into air tankers. The base FSX/P3D aircraft from Cal Classic are required for the panel, gauges, effects, and documentation to work properly. Most of the files required are already present, but the base panel and effects files are needed. The DC-7 has served decades as passenger and freighter versions. Itís little recognized role, that itís ironically served the longest as, is as an airtanker. The Douglas DC-7 has seen service mainly in North America with the United States and Canada being itís area of operations. The DC-7 still sees service in the United States. Erickson Aero still operates only a couple of them. They remain the only radial engine tankers in service in the United States. The DC-7 is quite an impressive tanker. Despite itís age, it still is quite a capable aircraft, which likely has lead to the reason why it is still a viable aircraft at itís age. The DC-7 is capable of carrying 3,000 gallons (~11,300L+) of retardant and is able to cruise at high speeds, itís cruise speed of over 350mph is slightly hampered by the external tank. But is still quite fast. It has the similar speed and carry capacity of the P-3 Orion. Like itís earlier sister ship the DC-6, the DC-7 is also capable of reversing itís propellers on itís massive R3350s to slow down on short runways. Although, at their current age in service, it is usually avoided. But they are capable of the action. USFS contracting of the DC-7 ended in 2003 citing they were too old. Theyíve flown an additional 17 years despite this reason. The DC-7ís service time is now limited though, the few in service primarily operate on single state contracts in the Pacific Northwest.

This pack represents 2 model versions and 3 Operators. Butler Aircraft Company, Erickson Aero, and T&G Aviation.

Original aircraft by Jens Kristensen, Tom Gibson, and Greg Pepper.

Aircraft FSX/P3D converted donor parts by Bjoern Kesten.

Sounds by Jon Jeffreys and Gary Jones.

Airtanker modifications and repaints done by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00."

Aircraft should be compatible for FSX up to P3D V4.5.

Special Thank you to Cal Classic's for allowing me to modify their already great aircraft!

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