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Description: These aircraft are modified versions of the Cal Classic’s DC-6s. Done with the permission of Cal Classics I have taken their aircraft and modified them into air tankers. The base CB-16 and CB-17 powered FSX/P3D aircraft from Cal Classic are required for the panel, gauges, effects, and documentation to work properly. Most of the files required are already present, but the base panel and effects files are needed. The DC-6 served for many years as an airtanker after many successful years as military and civilian transports. The DC-6 saw service across the world as an airtanker. The Douglas DC-6 served in the United States, Canada, and France. In the United States many operators used the DC-6 and therefore, many versions of it existed in the airtanker industry in the 1970s-1990s. The DC-6 was able to carry from just over 2,000 gallons (~7,500L+) of retardant to as much as 3,000 (~11,300L+) depending on the version, tank design, and operator of the DC-6. The DC-6 also incorporated interesting features that are unusual for radial powered aircraft. That was the ability for the propellers to retard into beta, or what’s known as reverse thrust. Later DC-6s also had this feature, but with more powerful versions of the R2800 which then became equipped with prop spinners on the propeller assemblies to help cool the R2800s. Both features carried over to the larger DC-7. The Douglas DC-4, DC-6, and DC-7s all saw lengthy service as airtankers. In the early 2000s the USFS decided that these series of 4 engine tankers were too old. Choosing to no longer contract the big DC-4, 6, & 7s. Many operators were forced to close their operations and their aircraft sat for years before being scrapped or sold off and converted back into freighters for rural cargo and museum pieces. Despite the opinion of the US Government, a small number of DC-7s have managed to stay flying as tankers for nearly 2 decades after being told they were too old to fly on fires. But sadly unlike the DC-4 and DC-7, the DC-6 service in the US never made it out of the mid-1990s. The last remaining DC-6s in service were with Conair in Canada and were sold to Everts Air Cargo in the early 2000s to be converted back to freighters.

This pack represents 3 different model versions and 5 operators of the DC-6. Which include, Macavia/Sis-Q, Sis-Q, Securite Civile, TBM, and Conair.

Original aircraft by Jens Kristensen, Tom Gibson, and Greg Pepper.

Aircraft FSX/P3D converted donor parts by Bjoern Kesten.

Sounds by Jon Jeffreys and Gary Jones.

Airtanker modifications and repaints done by Nicholas Mitchell "Scorch00."

Aircraft should be compatible for FSX up to P3D V4.5. Special Thank you to Cal Classics for allowing me to modify their already great aircraft!

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