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    Scenery dev ??

    Ive got my FSX SE stable and happy with P3DV4.5 and XP11. So its FSX SEs turn. I have the ADE program and instant scenery on ready to install for FSX SE as I heard no support or work for P3DV4. So how do I get the ADE to work, it cant detect the SDK?

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    As in Airport Design Editor? It does work with P3D V4+. Instant Scenery, I don't believe does. But could be mistaken. I have ADE on my machine and used it yesterday as a matter of fact. If you're talking about FSX: SE's SDK. I believe I read a thread on FSDeveloper that it doesn't come with an SDK like the previous box versions of FSX did. Which is likely the reason it can't locate the SDK. You have to find it and download it. Where? I'm not sure about that though. I'm strictly a P3D monkey these days.
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    . . . .I have the ADE program and instant scenery on ready to install for FSX SE as I heard no support or work for P3DV4.. . . .
    Instant Scenery 3 will work up to P3D_V3.5, after LM moved beyond that IS3 was never updated any further and there are no intentions to do so. I build scenery in IS3 using the FSX SDK and thus far it has worked perfectly in P3D_V4. I imagine at some point that will cease to be the case but for now it works.
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