To PBR or not to PBR?
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Thread: To PBR or not to PBR?

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    To PBR or not to PBR?

    Odd problem, I gave the Tiger a test run, loaded a few repaints (bearing in mind the demo doesn't support PBR) and promptly purchased the package from JF.
    In the installation menu there are a bevy of options, so of course I selected P3D4+ with PBR.
    Annoyingly the PBR version looks pretty ordinary compared to the demo, even the defaults skins are dull, while repaints vary from good to not so good.
    Yes, I selected the correct package and it did it's thing, and yes, I added all the repaints as usual and yes, my P3D4.5 installation is up to date.
    So the question is: any other similar issues showing up for other Tiger Flyers?

    Non PBR Demo version.

    Full PBR+ Version.

    And what happened to the 'yellow' fin in the second Tiggie?
    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    The second one is a different version of Ganfm. Four slightly different variations three real and a fictitious all yellow one.

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    Another attack of 'CRAFT' Syndrome Dave.

    "Illegitimum non carborundum".

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    IMHO, to get the best out of it PBR needs a better graphics engine than P3Pv4.5 offers. But there are some improvements to be had; it is better at giving an authentic weathered look to paintwork and, to a lesser extent, glossy paintwork. But at some light angles I struggle to see improvement with metal finishes over a well-executed spec/alpha. Finally (and the reason it's worth it to me) it will remove that pesky and persistant blue tint to many canopies - no, turning off HDR doesn't always work on my rig at least.

    F-104D 57-1323 of the Puerto Rico ANG getting airborne from Muniz AFB San Juan, Puerto Rico. I've added a refuelling probe which some carried, presumably to practice in-flight refuelling for their single seat F-104C's.

    CF-104D in NM from the dark side.. Not so good as the bright side. Panelling tends to be over-heavy and paint colors to dark. And before you say it, how do you lighten white??

    My two pennies-worth...!

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    There is a work around for my textures to display properly in P3dv4.5.

    Make a copy of the FSX model folder, rename it and drop it in the P3d folder. Make the appropriate alterations to the model= line in the aircraft cfg to use the renamed FSX model so that the polished cowlings are shiny and not a dull grey.

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    Thanks erican2. That works.
    Rats - why won't anything work properly first time?

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    Glad it worked and you can enjoy flying the repaints in P3d.

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