Aeronca options -Skins
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Thread: Aeronca options -Skins

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    Cool Aeronca options -Skins

    Hello All~

    Ok so when you get the Aeronca you will be able to choose alot of different options to customize a personal Aeronca of your choice.

    So one of the options will be to choose between clean textures and distressed textures on the exteriors of the planes. I will have them in the same folder as each of the model types. Then all you have to do is copy and over right for clean to distressed or back. I will see about making this automated as well so it is just a EXE install for both clean and distressed. You can also have modern gauges or 1945 -55 gauges or 1956 to 1970 gauges and you can do it the same way. Also You will be able to have 1945 to 1960 engine sounds or 1970 to 2000 engine sounds. Clean glass or distressed glass.

    Interiors can be moved all over the plane models as well.

    So either way you want your Aeronca You can have it.
    The Ford Trimotor will be the same.

    More to come.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Clean Texture.jpg   Distressed Texture.jpg   fIle order.jpg  
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    Would "Wow!" cover this?
    Rats - why won't anything work properly first time?

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    Thatís great news. Iím definitely looking forward to flying this. Thanks for the update.

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    Thank you for your interest in this project.

    So I am on the Trike Version now, its the most complex of all the models in the project. It is set in short and long tail, and this one is very modern. It still wont be night certified but its range and top speed have been increased as this one will have a new 2009 designed engine in it that delivers more torque at a lower rpm and can cruise at a higher speed even with a fixed prop. Its carrying load limit is increased by 500 pounds to accommodate extra 12 gallons of fuel and carry on items and the weight of the landing gear. This is one of my favorites beside the tundra which is just the opposite and is a beat up old beast made for landing on river shore lines and back country fields and old dirt Its interiors are ugly beat and muddy as well... I probably should model in an extra 25 pounds of mud and grunge as well... hehe.

    More soon.

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