Captain Jack S. Marks, and his Boeing B-17B June 1942
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Thread: Captain Jack S. Marks, and his Boeing B-17B June 1942

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    Captain Jack S. Marks, and his Boeing B-17B June 1942

    I came across a combat report dated from 2 June to June 6 1942
    written by Captain Jack S. Marks who in that time flew a Boeing
    B-17B against the Japanese carrier fleet attemping to invade
    Alaska, he and his crew flew bombing and recon flights directed
    a Japanese ships and what he described in this report as Japanese
    fighters with "fixed" landing gear. Captain Marks tried to get his
    crew the Air Medals they deserved but 11th Army Air Force did
    nothing even after this report reached their command. Captain
    Marks flew his B-17B painted with red wing tips, red tail in
    formation with Consolidated LB-30s. Captain Marks and his
    crew were all killed over Kiska. This report is found in the Archives
    of Standford University with the files of Admiral Robert Theobald
    who commanded the Alaskan Command at that time. This action
    is the only record so far that a B-17B was in action/combat against
    the Japanese.


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    That is an interesting story - a lone B-17B flying combat missions in the Aleutians. I think the fighters with fixed landing gear that Capt. Marks encountered were more likely D3A Vals from the carriers Ryujo or Junyo. They left by the second week of June. The Japanese aircraft stationed in the Aleutians (while they had air strength there) were mainly seaplanes like A6M2-N Rufe and H6K Mavis.

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    Is there a link to this report ??

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    This may be what Casey saw.

    Another reference to Captain Marks.

    Very interesting.
    Thanks for the lead Casey.

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